Soros Exposed for 30M Scheme to Rig Election


Liberal mega-donor George Soros is at it again.

Soros is trying to help launch an October surprise for the benefit of Democrats.

George Soros spent $30 million on this sick scheme to rig the November election.

George Soros has pumped 30 million dollars into an organization called the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights.

Now the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights and a host of other left-wing groups signed a letter to Big Tech titans Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Evil Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Liberal Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew, Snap CEO Evan Spiegel and Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri demanding more censorship of conservative speech and candidates ahead of the midterm election.

“[T]here is very little in your 2022 policies that reflects the ongoing and new challenges facing us as the midterms approach. Many of the bad actors and election deniers have continued and stepped up their online spread of false information since 2020, and some are even on the ballots for elected office in 2022. The policies and actions by platforms must do more to specifically combat these trends in 2022 and beyond,” the letter stated.

Polls show Republicans on track to take the House of Representatives, potentially the Senate and also win several high-profile governor’s races.

And with a little more than three weeks to go before the election there is little chance for Democrats to alter the trajectory of the race through TV advertising or a shift in rhetoric.

That’s why Soros’ group is skipping over policy and going right to the source to demand Big Tech muzzle GOP candidates by claiming any view that is opposed to Democrats is hate speech or misinformation.

Donald Trump massively improved his numbers in heavily Hispanic Miami-Dade County in 2020.

Instead of Democrats taking stock of the fact that their support for the Black Lives Matter (Racist Hate Group) insurrection, defunding the police, socialism and open borders alienated Hispanic voters, liberals instead trained their ire on Spanish-speaking talk radio.

Soros’ group claimed the ability of conservative hosts to spread their message on social media amounted to an attack on democracy and therefore must be censored.

“Non-English language disinformation has continued to spread beyond the 2020 election. The language gap between content moderators and content has created enforcement disparities, leaving non-English speaking communities vulnerable to false claims and disinformation. The updated policies from your companies have little or no information on specifically curbing non-English disinformation, particularly in languages beyond Spanish. For example, Meta’s new election disinformation strategy includes commitments to working with Spanish-language fact checkers and investing in Spanish-language media literacy resources, but it does not extend similar commitments to languages such as Vietnamese, Chinese, or Korean,” the letter added.

The letter also demanded tech platforms implement new protocols to limit the reach of conservative media and Republican candidates’ posts and videos.

“We have discussed more comprehensive plans with your companies to reduce the distribution of electoral disinformation, including implementing front- and back-end friction in user interfaces, algorithms, and product design to proactively reduce mis/disinformation,” the letter continued.

No one should be confused about what this is.

Soros-funded groups are actively demanding tech platforms interfere in the midterm election by censoring the speech of anyone opposed to Democrat candidates.

Original Article: George Soros Spent $30 Million on This Sick Scheme to Rig the November Election – USSA News | The Tea Party’s Front Page.

  1. Darryl says

    George Soreass should have a 30.06 in the head for interferring in the elections and all the CEOs and theirs cronnies should be thrown in jail and the keys throwm away.

    1. Cathy says

      Why are Americans not pitching a fir to every politician. Rinos and democrats. Enough already.
      Biden is sick, he is only doing what Obama tells him to do, destroy America. Call, write, take out ads, walk your neighborhoods let you voices be heard.

  2. John Stockwell says

    He is a lousy communist ,that is only here to stir up trouble that’s all he’s done in the past and present no redeeming qualities at all ,ship his old butt to Venezuela or Cuba – one way !!!!

    1. Leslie says

      Ship his EVIL UGLY OLD ASS TO HELL! Tho I do like the idea of 30.06 to the head……

      It’s time to do something about all these rich POS that hate America and want to keep destroying our country. How come these liberal communist democrats keep walking without being held accountable for the damage they’ve done to our lives and freedoms?

    2. mark rueckl says

      i just don’t understand why this grotesque man is not arrested for political tampering and allowed to dump all this money into the communist party here in America. really F’d up!!!

      1. helen says

        I agree. Kick his butt out of this country and freeze his accounts. He is trying to destroy America and democracy. He is against everyone and everything that is decent. He funds chaos and destruction in this country and interferes in elections; yet he is not being held accountable. There is a limit as to how much American citizens can donate to any candidate, but this horrible decadent thing is donating billions to anti American organization and terrorist organizations to destroy this country. I do not buy the bull that he is not breaking any laws. He pays stupid people to disrupt our country, destroy towns, accost citizens, and dumps billions into the coffers of such people like Pelosi, Schumer, etc. Get rid of Soros now.

  3. Rebelwithacause says

    If Congres wants to investigate someone, look no further. Investigate G. Soros for election tampering, interference, and aiding the enemy

  4. Sue Stockbridge says

    Soros was Hitler trained in their school systems during WW II … parents changed names from Jewish to hide .. he turned in members of his own family to the Nazis … Hitler wanted one race of people and he wants one World Order … anyone or anything he touches or influences reflects his lack of respect of law and order and human life … he cannot travel to Russia China and not allowed back into home of Hungary

    1. Jean Cherry says


  5. Anonymous says


  6. Dr T says

    Al Capone would have been able to continue running his organized crime network ad infinitum and would today be remembered as a philanthropist and would have a foundation named after him, if it wasn’t for the fact that he got done for tax evasion.

    Soros has figured out how to insulate himself from being pursued for tax evasion – by using non-profits, charities and NGOs with special tax status.

    1. Timothy V. says

      There it is.

  7. totosite says

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