Sorry, Liberals, We’re Not Done With Benghazi Yet

The liberal media, desperate for something to cheer about after the disastrous midterms, found just what they were looking for in a House Intelligence Committee report on Benghazi. Led by Republican representatives, the report concluded that many of the right’s theories on what happened in Libya on September 11th, 2012 were unfounded. Case closed, screamed the media.

But many are not satisfied with the Committee’s findings. While the left denounces such skepticism as “right-wing conspiracy theories,” there is ample evidence that something is askew, regardless of the official word. A survivor of the attack – private security contractor Kris Paronto – has long insisted that the administration is not being forthright about the facts of that night. After the Committee’s report was released, Paronto told Fox News that it was a “total farce.” He hopes that a new special committee in the House, led by Trey Gowdy, will do a better job getting to the bottom of the coverup.

Besides Paronto, though, there are several reasons to question the validity of the report. Journalists have reported that Republicans on the Committee had strong reservations about the final report but felt intimidated by the staff. There have also been claims that they were discouraged from questioning witnesses in the manner they would have liked. These reports point to a largely political investigation with motives that don’t align with a quest for truth.

It’s also difficult to understand how the Committee could have concluded that there was no order to stand down from the administration. There were several witnesses who claimed just the opposite, including the aforementioned Paronto.

When grand juries in Ferguson and New York City declined to indict white cops, the news media frothed at the mouth. They barely allowed for the possibility that these juries may have gotten the decisions right. But no such scrutiny has met the House Intelligence Committee’s report. Because it was headed up by the GOP, that must mean there was nothing improper in the way it was handled. But real life doesn’t work that way. You might expect Republicans to look for any opportunity to condemn Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, but there are many more factors in play when it comes to investigating the country’s intelligence agencies.

Finally, the report does nothing to “debunk” many of the problems conservatives had with the scandal from the beginning. It doesn’t solve the problem of why we let an ambassador be killed by Al Qaeda, it doesn’t explain why Obama was so lax in his response, it doesn’t address the administration’s idiotic belief that the attack was caused by an anti-Islamic YouTube video, and it doesn’t explain why this country’s media acted as a mouthpiece for the White House.

So, no, the House Intelligence Committee’s report is not the last word on Benghazi by a long shot. There are still troubling issues stemming from that fateful night, and we won’t soon forget what they are.

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