Stop Giving In to Liberal Language Demands


Always pursuing the left’s most frivolous agendas, the Huffington Post this week ran an article reminding us to prune “slut” from our collective vocabulary. While this is hardly news, it does speak to the extraordinary importance liberals place on language. If we’re ever to restore this country, we need to do the same.

Changing minds starts with changing the language, and no one knows that better than the left. They’ve successfully changed the terminology when it comes to abortion, illegal immigration, and even euthanasia. By doing so, they have been able to score milestone victories on issues where they were once in the extreme minority. It sounds a lot better to let “undocumented immigrants” into the country than illegals. It sounds much more sensible to support a “woman’s right to choose” than it does the right to kill an unborn child. Language matters, but the left is only able to effect widespread adoption because their friends in the media are complicit.

At newspapers across the country, the term “illegals” is being dropped from the official vocabulary. Is it because that term does not accurately convey to readers the subject of the conversation? No, it’s because amnesty supporters know that using that term puts them at a disadvantage. Instead, they want the press to use softer language that will help them in their cause. Never mind that the job of a reporter is to present the news in an unbiased fashion. Amnesty advocates get around that by claiming that using terms like “illegal alien” is racist. They claim that any media outlet who uses that term is actively working against them. Reporters and editors already sympathetic to the cause cave to the demands.

And gradually that adoption spreads. You aren’t just hearing “undocumented worker” from amnesty groups; now you’re reading it in the paper. You’re hearing it on the nightly news. After a while, you so rarely hear the original terminology that it sounds wrong when you do. So the language shifts. No big deal, the issue at the center is still the same, right? But once you’ve given in on words, there’s no coming back. The greatest battle has been won.

It doesn’t matter what the issue is, the outcome is decided the moment we give in to their calls for politically correct language. Redskins fans have taken a lot of heat in the media for refusing to bend on the team name. They are sticking up for it because they don’t want to feel pushed around by an extreme minority. But they’ll come around, if history is any indication. And they’ll do so because hear or read the name in the sports section. It will become an anachronism, and they’ll no longer feel attached to that habit.

When that day comes, it will provide liberals with another opportunity to pursue their larger goal. What is that goal? Who knows, but you can be sure that there is one. There is always a goal beyond simply changing the language. The language is only the first step. Once they have that – once they dictate the terms of the conversation – they can go in any direction they want. And if history has proven anything, it’s that a liberal’s direction is inevitably one that weakens the United States of America.

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