Students Fight For Gender-Neutral Bathrooms


It’s hard to imagine, with all the problems in the world, how one might arrive on gender-neutral bathrooms as the cause to fight for. It’s even harder to imagine how more than one person might decide that this is the defining battle of our time. But at California Polytechnic University, at least a handful of students have determined that they can’t rest until transgenders can do their business without worrying about which stall to use.

Led by the Queer Student Union, the students organized a “shit-in,” demonstrating the usual class and grace we’ve come to expect from the extreme left. This protest involved setting a toilet in the middle of the CPU campus and covering it with banners that advertised the cause. What is that cause? According to the group’s Facebook page, they want the university to “establish more accessible all-gender bathrooms, in addition to adding ‘Gender Diversity’ signs to existing gendered bathrooms.” As of the time of this writing, CPU officials had yet to respond.

Of course, it makes just as little sense to get worked up about their fight for these bathrooms as it does for them to pursue the fight in the first place. Whether they succeed or fail in their cause makes almost no difference in the grand scheme of things. Yes, the dominoes will fall and eventually every public building in America will meet the LGBT definition of Gender Diversity. But this, like gay marriage, is unlikely to be a culture fight that conservatives can win. America is changing. Some of these changes can and should be resisted. Some of them can’t. This probably falls into the latter category.

But it would do us some good to contemplate where all of this is headed. Is that possible? Can we take off the angry-glasses for a moment, put down the pitchforks, and just think about the endgame? Assuming that gays and transgenders didn’t just pop into existence a few decades ago, maybe we should start by asking why there aren’t already gender-neutral bathrooms. Why did it take thousands of years to get to gay marriage?

Hidden in those questions is a serious one: What is best for society? And why, if these leftist proposals are best, did it take this long for things to change so dramatically?

This is what unsettles me most about liberals, especially those on the far end of the spectrum (because, as we’ve seen, the extreme becomes mainstream in the blink of an eye). They have no regard for history. They look at the present, decide there is a problem, and then they push forward with a solution. But they never look back. They see themselves as the first intelligent humans to walk the planet, ignoring the possibility that maybe some of these issues have come up before. And maybe they were settled a long time ago. And maybe, just because something feels right, there is a reason we don’t have some of the things they think we should have.

That’s not an argument against transgender bathrooms; it’s a plea for some quiet, thoughtful caution. But then, if caution and history informed these movements, one might wonder if these movements would exist at all.

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