Study: Employers Have A Terrible Time With Easily-Offended Millennials


From the “duh” files, we have a new study from San Diego State University that tells us what we already suspected: College-aged zoomers/millennials who are easily triggered by every little social injustice make for terrible employees. Not only are these loonies the absolute bane of modern academia (and increasingly powerful and annoying off the campus as well), they are apparently a real pain in the neck on the jobsite. Who would have figured?

According to Dr. Jeremy Berneth, an associate professor of management at SDSU, most employers report that people with a special disorder he calls “proclivity to be offended” (PTBO) do not perform well at their jobs.

Berneth defines these people as suffering from a “state-like tendency to be sensitive to customarily innocuous societal events and traditions” like the “playing of the United States’ National Anthem.” We can only assume that the entire staff of The New York Times labors under this illness. Those with PTBO, writes Dr. Berneth, “are likely to feel that social events or traditions to which they take offense also violate moral or equitable standards.”

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Woke Twitter is raging as we speak, have no doubt.

In a survey of nearly 400 employees at seven colleges, Berneth asked respondents to explain how they felt about recent events that garnered “substantial media attention,” including “17 items developed to assess the proclivity to be offended, eight moral outrage items, 11 microaggression items and nine political correctness items.”

The study found that those who are easily triggered by current events and personal slights are less likely to be productive at work, are more likely to view their employers are unfair, and they “consume a lot of time complaining about trivial matters.”

“The person offended by everyday occurrences diverts important and limited cognitive resources away from the client (and potential sale) towards a task-irrelevant stimuli,” Berneth concluded.

Okay, but aren’t these woke warriors at least empathetic to their fellow man? That’s their whole M.O., right? That they just care too much about the plight of the oppressed? You would think that these people would strive to make their workplaces better – first and foremost, by doing their own jobs correctly!

Nope. “PTBO negatively correlated with task performance and positively correlated with counterproductive work behaviors, suggesting not only that these individuals engage in fewer citizenship behaviors but also engage in behaviors managers and organizations want their employees to avoid,” Berneth wrote.

Hmm. So these fanatics make terrible employees, worse students, poor citizens, and (undoubtedly) awful lovers.

Surely there’s something good about them? Guess we’ll have to wait for another study to find out.

Hopefully these zealots won’t cancel science in the meantime.

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