The Left’s New Climate Rep: A Talking Gorilla


Realizing at last that the liberal zombies who think the world is on a collision course with climate change do not require rigid intellectual evidence, warmists have enlisted a new spokesman for the cause: a talking ape. NOE Conservation, a French activist group, introduced a new video from Koko the Gorilla at the COP21 Climate Conference in Paris last month.

“Man Koko love,” the 44-year-old gorilla says in the video, using the sign language that made her an international sensation. “Earth Koko love. But man stupid. Fix Earth! Help Earth! Protect Earth.”

The groups behind the video admit that Koko was following a pre-written script and that the video itself “was edited from a number of separate takes,” relieving us of any skepticism we might have over whether the gorilla came up with this plea on her own. In fact, though several reports have used this video as an excuse to dredge up arguments about the extent to which Koko can really communicate using original thought, this admission renders that discussion irrelevant. NOE Conservation understands that liberal gullibility, though extraordinary, is not without limit.

“Because of her unique ability to communicate with humans in sign language, Koko is a natural ambassador for endangered species,” said The Gorilla Foundation, the co-creators of the video.

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As it happens, the extent to which Koko is actually capable of “unique” communication is directly proportionate to how unseemly is it to enlist her in this type of propaganda. If Koko is intelligent enough to “speak” with humans in a way that other animals cannot, isn’t it unethical to make her stand for a cause she has no way of understanding? If Koko came out with a new video endorsing Donald Trump, how many liberals would scream in protest, using this very argument?

That aside, it’s interesting that even with a script and a good editor, Koko did not say what her handlers want us to believe she said.

“Man is harming the Earth and its many animal and plant species and needs to ‘hurry’ and fix the problem,” the Gorilla Foundation translates.

One can perhaps fairly draw that conclusion from the video, but Koko does not explain how she believes this “harming” is occurring, nor what can be done to “fix” it. Perhaps Koko, in her wisdom, is warning the nations of the world against climate change regulations that would lower dramatically the global standard of living. Can we demand the raw footage?

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