Tara Reade: Hillary is “Enabling a Sexual Predator” With Endorsement

Surprising no one, Hillary Clinton gave her 2020 endorsement to Joe Biden on Tuesday in an anticlimactic, social-distancing-approved webcast with the former vice president. Clinton’s support of Biden may not have exactly rocked the news cycle, but it did manage to anger Tara Reade, the former Senate staffer who has accused Biden of sexually assaulting her in 1993. In remarks to Fox News, Reade said she was disappointed in Clinton for standing beside the accused Biden.

“I voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. I voted for her in the primary. I’m a lifelong Democrat. But yet, what I see now is someone enabling a sexual predator and it was my former boss, Joe Biden, who raped me,” Reade said. “Hillary Clinton has a history of enabling powerful men to cover up their sexual predatory behaviors and their inappropriate sexual misconduct. We don’t need that for this country. We don’t need that for our new generation coming up that wants institutional rape culture to change.”

Reade said that no matter how intensely the Democratic Party and their friends in the media lined up to unite behind Biden, she would never stop telling her story.

“I will not be smeared, dismissed, or ignored,” she said. “I stand in truth and I will keep speaking out.”

Appearing with Biden on Tuesday, Clinton said that the former vice president was the best man to see us through the coronavirus pandemic.

“Just think of what a difference it would make right now if we had a president who not only listened to the science but brought us together,” said Clinton. “Think of what it would mean if we had a real president.”

Meanwhile, Biden appeared to be catching 40 winks on the other monitor. Maybe he was just closing his eyes to imagine what Hillary’s hair might smell like.

As Reade alluded to, Clinton has her own problematic history when it comes to enabling sexual violence. Bill Clinton’s alleged rape victim, Juanita Broderick, has accused Hillary of issuing what amounted to a veiled threat against her shortly after her husband – then the attorney general of Arkansas – raped her in a hotel room. Even putting that aside, Clinton has remained steadfastly by her husband’s side through numerous accusers, to say nothing of the time he abused his power as president to initiate an affair with intern Monica Lewinsky.

At no time, to our recollection, has Hillary expressed any sympathy or solidarity with the objects of her husband’s sexual conquest.

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