Teacher Arrested for Giving a COVID Vaccine to a 17-year-old Student


A NY school teacher is facing charges after she took it upon herself to administer a COVID vaccine to a 17-year-old high school student! 

Police say Laura Russo – who has no medical knowledge or credentials –  administered the dose at her home despite having no legal authority to give the injections or consent from the boy’s parents.

Russo, 54, who teaches biology, was arrested on New Year’s Eve and could face four years in prison if convicted.

The 17-year-old boy had reportedly wanted the vaccine.

Injections can be dangerous if administered incorrectly. Doctors and licensed medical workers have to verify that a vaccine is not counterfeit or expired. Patients should also be asked about their medical history and have their reaction monitored after the COVID vaccine.

Police say it is unclear how Russo obtained the supposed COVID vaccine or what brand it is. Currently, the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is the only one authorized for Americans under 18 years old.

Video of the incident which occurred in her Long Island home appears to show Russo telling the teenager: “You’ll be fine, I hope.”

“Here you go. At-home vaccine,” he says.

Officials say the boy’s parents called Nassau police after he came home and told them what had happened.

“She had obtained a vaccine,” said Nassau Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder. “That’s still under investigation on how she got it.”

According to CBS News, the superintendent of Herricks High School, where Russo works as a science teacher, said in a statement that the teacher “is a district employee who has been removed from the classroom and reassigned pending the outcome of the investigation.”

Russo has been charged with practicing medicine without authorization. 

A court hearing has been scheduled for January 21.

  1. CAROL Ann McBratnie says

    As a Nurse Practitioner, I am aware that my Medical Assistants need reinforcement on how and where to correctly inject a vaccine. I am certain this teacher does not know her landmarks, and could have incorrectly injected the student causing harm. I hope she gets 4 years to set a precedent that other non-medical persons should not be performing injections. Experimental vaccines require the closest control of proper injection to prevent normal harms. It appears anecdotally that injecting into a vein instead of the muscle, may be a contributor to endocarditis. I wonder how this teacher would feel if the student or students she injected died within 2 weeks?

  2. John R. DeJulius says

    Just another self-gratifying liberal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They think that they are above the law and never think that THEY will suffer ANY consequences for their actions !!!!!!!!!!!! I would like to think that she would learn something from this; but I doubt it !!!!!!!!!! They never do !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Linda says

    This teacher was so wrong on so many levels. And she need to be put in jail. I just pray that the boy is OK.

  4. Mike says

    Its ok folks,she is a liberal!! Liberals are not obligated to follow the law.for liberals following the law is optional.

  5. Human says

    A prime example of the arrogance of our so called educators. They feel they have the right to fill our children with hateful nonsensical rhetoric and now we see that isn’t quite enough for this self serving idiot. Since New York won’t prosecute armed robbery my guess is she will face absolutely no consequences for her ridiculous actions. Disgusting

  6. Bob says

    As a former teacher, I am appalled that someone without medical experience would do this. I just got a J/J booster today, and I would never let someone touch me that wasn’t a medical professional. You might argue that a 17 year old should have known better, and I do believe he bears some degree of responsibility, however, this women should lose her teaching license, especially in the field of science where she really should have known better. I don’t believe she should go to jail however, but I would support the boy’s parents right to sue her in civil court. Now, if anything however, happens to the boy down the road, and he suffers physical damage or death, then yes, criminal charges would be in order.

  7. Anonymous says

    To Bob, the former teacher.
    You use the word HOWEVER too much

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