Teaching the Truth About Islam

America’s liberals have mastered the art of whitewashing the causes they care about. Led by rich, white elites who profit by supporting the “underdogs,” the movement thrives by painting a picture that doesn’t really jibe with reality. The latest object of their obsession is the “peaceful” religion of Islam. And they are going to great lengths to make sure America’s schoolchildren learn that all those terrorists, all those oppressive Islamic regimes, and all those “lone wolves” really have nothing to do with the religion as a whole.

Recently, it’s become glaringly obvious how important this cause is to America’s educators. We’ve seen news stories about schoolchildren being taught Islam not from a historical, unbiased perspective (which would necessarily include, you know, all the terrorism), but rather from a perspective that borders on a violation of church and state. Kids being taught the five pillars of Islam. Kids being forced to memorize phrases like “there is no God but Allah.” Students being taught, wrongly, that Allah is the same God as the one in the Bible. These aren’t one-off incidents; they are warning signs of a full-scale attempt to indoctrinate a generation of Americans.

In addition to their high-profile beheadings, ISIS is believed to have killed more than 10,000 civilians in their march across Syria and Iraq. But they aren’t emblematic of Islam. According to some – like the president of the United States – they aren’t Islamic at all.

Tell a Lie Enough Times…

It wouldn’t be so infuriating if it wasn’t so successful. But people actually fall for this propaganda. Many in the media called Bill Maher out as a xenophobic racist following his brave departure from the liberal shtick this year. Maher, who has always been critical of religion of any kind, was one of the few non-conservative figures in the media willing to condemn Islam as a whole. He was one of the few willing to look at ISIS, Boko Harem, Al Qaeda, and the governments of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Iran, and point out a common thread.

Whenever someone like Maher has the courage to state the facts, the left rallies together. “Are you saying that every practitioner of Islam supports violence, oppression, and terrorism?” they say. And this is supposed to shame the critic into silence. Because the only answer possible is “no…of course not.” But that’s not the end of the story. Not every communist is evil; most of them are just sorely misguided. The same is true here.

Then you get the false equivalencies. That’s when Islam defenders bring up the Crusades, Timothy McVeigh, and the violence in the Old Testament. But the Crusades took place a thousand years ago, McVeigh was not driven by anything resembling a religious motivation, and the Quran has nothing equivalent to the peaceful, turn-the-other cheek teachings of Jesus Christ to counterbalance the deadlier messages.

The left has successfully turned abortion into just another women’s health issue, gay marriage into a matter of human rights, and Israel into a country little better than Nazi Germany. Now, they have their sights set on the rehabilitation of Islam. And given their stranglehold on both the media and the public school system, they’ll probably win that one as well.

Unless, of course, we start teaching the truth.

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