Ted Cruz: Obama Will Not Defend America

There’s nothing like an intense tragedy to bring everything into sharp focus. While we’ve been laughing and mocking the media and boycotting Starbucks, Islamic terrorists were plotting the worst attack on Western soil since 9/11. That attack was carried out on Friday night, and – temporarily, at least – we appear ready to get serious about what’s really going on in the world.

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz appeared on Fox News to level a damning accusation against President Obama. “I recognize that Barack Obama does not wish to defend this country,” Cruz said. “He may have been tired of war, but our enemies are not tired of killing us. And they’re getting stronger.”

For too long, we’ve enjoyed the false luxury of only caring about ISIS a little bit. Yes, they are terrible, yes, “someone” should do something about it…but…do we really want to get involved? Do we really want to press the issue when we could just as easily forget about it? Isn’t it more fun to eat some popcorn and watch Donald Trump insult Megyn Kelly?

What Cruz said about Obama is nothing but the plain truth, but it isn’t the whole truth. The whole truth is only uncovered when we take a good hard look in the mirror. We have a president who, until Friday night, felt very little political pressure to “defend this country.” Sorry, but it’s true. An airstrike here, a drone strike there…as long as Americans don’t have to think too much about what’s happening in the Middle East, it’s a policy that can last forever.

Few Americans (hopefully) would agree with the radical leftist view that the Western world has brought these attacks on itself, but way too many Americans have been comfortably hibernating while ISIS slaughters thousands. 9/11 might as well have happened around the time Abraham Lincoln was delivering the Emancipation Proclamation for all the relevance it has in our society today. And while we don’t need to go back to Terror Code Yellow or whatever we were doing back in 2001, we need to understand that what happened once can happen again.

It seems inappropriate to hope that good can come out of a tragedy this vile, but we are stepping into a land of unprecedented foolishness if we keep pretending like ISIS is someone else’s problem. The “JV team” has grown up, and they now embody the greatest threat to life, liberty, and modern civilization in the world today. And we’re going to, what? Constrain them? Provide the Middle East with more jobs? Wax poetic about how these terrorists don’t represent the real Islam? Are you serious?

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