Texas Democrat Caught Funding Voter Fraud Scheme

We’ve been told time and time again by Democrats that voter fraud is a myth – a phenomenon of such rarity and triviality that any attempt to curb it is merely a voter suppression effort in disguise. We can only assume that it is because of this narrative that stories like this one rarely break free of their “local news” confines to become something we talk about on the national stage. After all, what would we do to stop these kinds of things from happening? Require ID at the polling plaza? That’s racist!

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that a woman who has been arrested and charged with voter fraud paid others to join her scheme using money provided by – wait for it – a former county Democratic Party leader!

From the Star-Telegram:

After learning about a state investigation, Leticia Sanchez — one of four women arrested and indicted on voter fraud charges — allegedly directed her daughter to send a text message to others in the scheme, urging them not to cooperate with investigators, state officials say.

The allegations are made in the state’s notice of intent to introduce evidence in Sanchez’s criminal case, where state officials say she was among those who collaborated to vote for certain down-ballot candidates with a number of north side residents’ mail-in ballots.

The notice, filed Tuesday, states that Sanchez engaged in organized criminal activity in collaboration with her three co-defendants; Stuart Clegg, a former executive director for the Tarrant County Democratic Party; and others.

The legal complaint alleges that the four women were paid (by Clegg) to use fraudulent applications for mail-in ballots as a way of getting extra votes in the 2016 election. They targeted older voters in Fort Worth’s north side to sway the 2016 Democratic primaries, although officials say that there is some evidence that connects the scheme to the 2015 city council election as well.

The women, and Clegg, are accusing the Texas Attorney General’s Office of using this indictment as a political issue ahead of the midterm elections. They say that nothing they did constitutes “vote harvesting” and that they were merely trying to get out the vote in a typical “canvassing” situation.

“There was no conspiracy to defraud any election,” Clegg told the paper.

Yeah, that’s what they all say, bucko.

Of course, Democrats will still try to insist that voter fraud is a non-issue…except when it comes to gerrymandering, crooked secretaries of state, ballots magically turning from Democrat to Republican, Russian interference, and every other imaginable problem that cannot be used against their voters. And we’re sure if that Blue Wave fails to materialize next month, we’ll hear each and every one of these excuses.

But actual fraud at the voting plaza? Never!

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