Texas’ Finest Kidnapped, Tortured in Mexico

A former sheriff’s deputy-turned-private investigator is receiving medical care after his kidnapping and torture experiences in the Mexican border city of Piedras Negras.

Authorities in Coahuila found 46-year-old Gabriel Serrano on Monday afternoon at an abandoned house in the Burocratas neighborhood, state law enforcement sources revealed to Breitbart Texas. Serrano, a former deputy with the Maverick County Sheriff’s Office, was reported missing on Sunday.

The victim was beaten and unaware of his surroundings when authorities found him. Police took him to an international port of entry, where his loved ones had him taken to a Texas clinic for treatment. Serrano was unable to describe his captors.

Preliminary information revealed that Serrano and his girlfriend crossed into Mexico for a weekend social engagement. Serrano then returned to Eagle Pass to drop off his girlfriend and then called her, saying he was safely home. However, his loved ones claim he never returned.

By Sunday morning, his loved ones called Serrano’s cell phone until it was powered off.

Authorities in Coahuila were unable to provide a motive for the kidnapping are still investigating the case.

Original Article: Fmr. Texas Sheriff’s Deputy Kidnapped, Tortured in Mexican Border City (breitbart.com)

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