Thank God For Independent Media


If it wasn’t for independent and right-wing media outlets in this country, there’s no telling what kinds of things Americans might believe happened in 2014. Even with a steady supply of true journalism making up for what the networks refuse to cover, there are still plenty of people out there buying into the lies. And 2014 was the year Big Media decided to flex its muscles. The liberal lies and coverups started early and grew louder and more obnoxious throughout the year.

Jonathan Who?

A group called American Commitment exposed Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber to the country on November 7th. Gruber was found telling a receptive audience that Obamacare was only able to pass, essentially, because they made it too confusing for anyone to understand. “Blame it on the stupidity of the American voter,” Gruber said, insisting that the bill would not have passed if Democrats had been honest about how much it would cost.

But if you got all of your news from Brian Williams over at NBC, you wouldn’t have known about this massive political controversy until more than a month later. NBC Nightly News didn’t bother to run a story on Gruber until December 9th, when Gruber was brought before Congress. I guess to the wags in New York City, the deceptiveness with which the Affordable Care Act was passed simply wasn’t news.

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Lie Culture

Rolling Stone made a bid for renewed relevancy in 2014, running a story about a gang rape that happened at the University of Virginia in 2012. Now this was news. The liberal media rallied around the story, turning it into a major mainstream event while officials at UVA scrambled.

Two days after the story broke big, the first expressions of doubt began to surface from outside the corporate media establishment. Richard Bradley, the former editor of George magazine, was the first to question the narrative. The Washington Post soon followed suit. But these early speculations were condemned by feminists; questioning a woman’s story of sexual assault was feeding into the “rape culture” that was so damaging to our country. Even when WaPo went further, debunking the story piece by piece until there was almost nothing left, the prevailing sentiment on the left was: “Yeah, but…we should still have a conversation about campus rape.” Should we, though?

Hands Up, Don’t Shoot

Of course, the most egregious lies of 2014 came out of a little town called Ferguson, Missouri. Believing they had another Trayvon Martin-style ratings grabber on their hands, journalists for the major networks abdicated every last shred of their integrity in favor of their chosen narrative. In doing so, they managed to turn what should have been a fairly routine story – thug attacks cop, eats lead – into a call for national protests.

The facts on Ferguson have been in for a long time. Almost all of them dovetail perfectly with Officer Darren Wilson’s account of August 9th. But that hasn’t stopped the media from continually playing the “gentle unarmed black teen killed by racist cop” story. When the more ambiguous case of Eric Garner popped up, they seamlessly jumped over the New York City for more lies and exaggerations.

These are the same news organizations that want us to believe the economy is better than ever, that global warming will soon kill off the human race, and that Obamacare is working like a well-oiled machine. Once again: thank God we don’t have to depend on them as our only source of news.



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