Thanks to Refugees, Public Swimming Pools No Longer Safe

A public swimming pool in the town of Perchtoldsdorf, Austria has put up signs warning people not to grope women or barge into the female locker rooms, according to a story in the UK’s Sun newspaper. The posters, which translate their message in Arabic, French, and English (but not the native German) appear to be targeted towards migrants, many of whom have recently come to Austria from Northern Africa. The insinuation is clear: Middle Eastern immigrants fail to understand that their norms and values – which apparently include a daily diet of sexual assault – are not welcome in the countries that were kind enough to let them in.

But by all means, let’s throw open the U.S. borders to all the refugees who want to migrate. What could go wrong?

From The Sun:

One sign shows a man entering the women’s dressing room with the word “STOP!” and “entry is forbidden in non-designated areas” written next to it.

Another sign show a picture of a young teen in a bikini with three hands seemingly wanting to grope her.

It reads “NO!” and explains that “physical contact with other guests is forbidden”.


Local citizens and politicians have reacted to the apparent necessity of such signs.

MP Christian Hoebart of the far-right Freedom Party of Austria (FPO), which is opposed to immigration, argued that the signs should not be needed in a “civilised society”.

He wrote: “Is it once again a submission (by our society) for the mass immigration of completely uneducated and culturally alien people?”

Why yes. Yes it is.

What kills us is how short-sighted liberals are. They want to take in a virtually-unlimited number of refugees to show the world how enlightened and gracious they are, completely oblivious to the fact that they are making their countries less liberal and open with every additional migrant they let in the door. These migrants have grown up in oppressive, fundamentalist cultures where women are barely more than vehicles for procreation and battery. They SCOFF at the very values that these liberals are trying to demonstrate by letting them into their countries. They loathe freedom and will eventually kill it, and their hosts will defend their crusade against their own culture. It’s one of the most stunning developments in global history; when have we ever seen so many countries bend over backwards to accommodate people who want to destroy everything they believe in?

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