The Biden Lies That Nobody’s Talking About

President Trump and the GOP has been pegged by the left with the BIG LIE — dealing with the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.  Trump has also developed a reputation for serial fibbing – often over inconsequential matters. He is not Honest Abe Lincoln, for sure.

Unfortunately, the issue of Trump’s veracity has trumped the issue of President Biden’s veracity – and it ain’t so good.  Although Biden has one advantage in the fibbing department.  First and foremost, he has the left-leaning news media giving him cover.  They do not call him out – and they parse in his favor.

The BIG LIE about inflation

Biden’s title “The inflation Reduction Bill” is an outright lie.  For sure, pieces of legislation are given nice sounding names, but this one is nothing less than political fraud.  The Congressional Budget Office and most economists on both sides agree that the Act does NOT reduce inflation – and may even contribute to it.

That is not Biden’s only BIG LIE about inflation.  He has repeatedly said that the current inflation is Putin’s fault.  It is the result of the war in Ukraine.  Nope!  That may have been a contributor to the increase in gas prices, but the inflation is not only about gas prices.  It mostly has to do with Biden’s excessive spending legislation – at least that is the opinion of most economists, including those on the Democrat side.

The BIG LIE about Afghanistan

Biden’s policy regarding Afghanistan has been a series of BIG LIEs.  Perhaps the most tragic has been his claim that America has gotten those endangered by the Taliban takeover of the country.  
“No one will be left behind,” he said.  Today, there are hundreds of thousand – including Americans – who have been left behind. 

Then there were all those other lies.  He assured the American people that he would have everyone out before the Taliban took over.  In fact, the Taliban were in control during most of the exit – and oversaw “security” for the surrender.

Biden promised he would get all American troops out safely – but his surrender resulted in the deaths of 13 military service personnel.  That was more than have been killed in Afghanistan in the previous two years – and more than have died on a single day in Afghanistan since June of 2013.   

He said the surrender of Afghanistan would not diminish our intelligence capabilities in that region.  Recent military estimates indicate that our capabilities have diminished by 90 percent.  

Biden said that the Taliban would keep al-Qaeda out of the country.  Today they thrive under Taliban rule – and the head of al-Qaeda was found (and thankfully killed) living in luxury in full view in Kabul.

The BIG LIE about Hunter

Biden said he knew nothing about his son Hunter’s business dealings.  The infamous laptop – and other evidence – has shown that he not only was well informed on Hunter’s business dealings, but he was a promoter and possible beneficiary.

When the laptop was discovered and contents revealed, Biden proffered the BIG LIE that it was Russian disinformation – even having the FBI use that contention to suppress the story on social media.

Mysterious police deaths

In a recent speech in which he cast the darkest motives on Trump and the Capitol Hill rioters — as if rioting was not enough – Biden said that three police officers were killed at that event.  That was a lie.  In fact, no police officers were killed at that event.  Officer Sicknick died the next day of “natural causes” according to the medical examiner.  He had not even been injured at the riot.  No blunt trauma.  No internal bleeding.  No toxins in his system.  Biden knows the facts.  He lies.  I do not like what happened to the police on Capitol Hill … but also do not like Biden’s lies about it.

Republicans are fascists – at least semi

Yes, Biden called millions of Americans semi-fascists – whatever the hell “semi” means.  He says he is only speaking of what the left branded and demonized as “MAGA Republicans.”  That means any Republican who will not vilify Trump and his policies … anyone who would vote for him in the future … anyone who would vote for Democrats.  By implication, Biden means all Republicans.

That has no more validly than Hitler’s rants and fearmongering about Jews.  That does not make Biden a Hitler, but only noting a certain similarity in the style of political propaganda – creating a group stereotype that can be claimed to be a danger to the state.  It is all calculated lies.  Biden’s … the Democrats… and the hard-left media are engaging in a very BIG LIE – a BIG, BIG LIE about the vast majority of Republicans.  The entire strategy of the Democratic Party in this election season is based on a whopper.

So, there ‘tis.

POSTSCRIPT: I know some readers are going to respond with kneejerk aboutism – wanting to redirect the issue to Trump and support for the Democrat’s BIG LIE.

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