The Caravan Migrants are Now Turning on Their Activist Organizers

According to a new story from Fox News and the Associated Press, many of the Central American migrants who hitched their wagon to the U.S.-bound caravans this winter are beginning to have serious doubts about their decision. Stuck in Mexico with a dwindling hope of claiming asylum in the United States, the migrants are now starting to turn on their activist organizers – a group known as Pueblo Sin Fronteras.

Having lost many of their members to illness and injury, they are accusing PSF of not accurately warning them of the risks involved in the treacherous journey – nor their actual chances of getting a new home in America.

From Fox News:

The group, which is comprised of about 40 U.S. and Mexican activists, gave the caravan an option in October. The migrants were asked whether they wanted to continue to the U.S. southern border or stop in Mexico, where the government offered to let them stay.

Pueblo Sin Fronteras, or People Without Borders, warned the migrants the offer might be too good to be true and called on a voice vote — to which the crowd yelled to keep moving toward the U.S.

Since then, former allies and some migrants have said the group downplayed the risks involved, particularly for those with families and small children.

The organizers also were accused of misleading caravan migrants about how long they would have to wait on the Mexican side of the border to apply for asylum.

Too little media attention has been focused on that first part, which is that these migrants have already been offered asylum. According to international law, this offer should have released the United States from any legal responsibility we had to give refuge to these migrants. Under those agreements, asylum-seekers MUST accept the first safe harbor they come to. These migrants declined it, because their organizers are more interested in making a political statement than they are about actually helping these people.

Furthermore, for PSF to try and say that they are merely providing legal advice and material assistance to the caravan is factually incorrect. Now that the heat is on, they’re trying to minimize their involvement in planning and outlining – if not outright creating – these caravans. The truth is that these caravans would not exist if it were not for these activists. They chartered the route, they arranged the transportation, and they paid for housing and food along the way. All so they could get to Tijuana and put pressure on the Trump administration, bolster their own notoriety, and get international leftist money flowing into their coffers.

They don’t give a sweet tinker’s damn about the migrants or what happens to them. And the migrants are beginning to realize that they are pawns in a political game. Shame.


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