The End Of Freedom? Quebec, Canada To Begin Taxing Unvaccinated Citizens


Officials in Quebec have announced that they plan to tax people who remain unvaccinated for COVID-19 for non-medical reasons.

“All people who are not vaccinated for non-medical reasons will have to pay a contribution,” Premier François Legault said Tuesday. It is unclear how much that “contribution” will be, though the premier assured citizens it will be “significant.”

With the announcement, Quebec will become the first province in Canada to impose a financial penalty on unvaccinated individuals. As is the case across the U.S., and worldwide, Quebec is experiencing a surge in virus cases and hospitalizations due to the onset of the Omicron variant.

Legault said that there are roughly 10% of adults in Quebec who refuse to get vaccinated, and that unvaccinated individuals make up about half of current COVID hospitalizations in intensive care units. For that reason, he argued, unvaccinated people should pay for the burden they are placing on the health care system. 

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“I think right now it’s a question of fairness for the 90% of the population who made some sacrifice,” he said. “I think we owe them this kind of measure.”

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  1. None of your business says

    The 90% weren’t all vaccinated voluntarily. The majority were coerce by a Tyrannical Government. So don’t act as if the 10% are the criminals here. The 10% are the true, brave, freedom loving Patriots- who are telling Globalist tyrants to kiss dirt. DON’T COMPLY!

  2. Dee says

    Canadians that cannot take the shot should come here, the Bide Admin will love it !

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  5. Valkyrie says

    What did you learn in school today. “I learned our country must be strong. It’s always right. It’s never wrong. Our leaders are the best of men , so we elect them again and again. That’s what I learned in school today.” But, but, our leaders only want what they tell us is good for us. Abosolute power corrupts absolutely. Canada is NO LONGER a free nation and the US isn’t far behind.

  6. leslie says

    If half of the people that are hospitalized are VACCINATED, why would the burden be placed on the other half that is unvaccinated? Whats to say if the unvaccinated were vaccinated that they would not be in the ICU anyway.. If the “vaccine” were effective, (as a vaccine should be,) there should be no vaccinated people in the ICU.
    This reasoning for taking away people rights and the tyranny associated with this, makes NO sense and smells of the deep state.

    1. Anonymous says

      Well said Leslie. Your comments are full of common sense. Do you think the Government may have an Allterior motive to demanding that everyone take the vaccine that is not working?
      My 13 year old niece nearly died after taking the vaccine, spent 9 days in the hospital.

  7. Anonymous says

    I believe the correct term for thus is “extortion.”

  8. George says

    Live on your feet as a Free Peoples or live on your knee’s as slaves. The choice is yours Arm Up.

  9. Al says

    Canada, like Australia and much of the world, is devolving into insanity and totalitarianism. Can civil war be far off?

  10. Carl says

    I think everyone who doesn’t want the Vaccination should do so, provided they sign (and live up to) an agreement NOT to go to a Hospital or seek any professional medical care when they finally get Covid, and agree to pay for the hospitalization of people that they infect . Since it is their selfishness and ignorance that are clogging up the hospitals , they should NOT get the benefit of any assistance , either. Hopefully the last words they will hear from Trump as they pass away is …..”Losers….I got my shots……idiots…..” .

    There are LOTS of Bleach drinks , dewormers , Garlic rings and other horseshit remedies pushed by the Idiot Far Right and Cures that they believe in , so , let them all drink Bleach and die. And the Vaccinated who remain will not only inherit the World , but will provide a Democratic Majority !

    1. professor_kv says

      Re: Carl,

      You are an ignorant fool, a “useful idiot”. Lemmings like you are dangerous.

      If all you’re listining to is the MSM and Fauci, then you don’t have all the information, only what the Establishment wants you to know.

      Get all the information, and decide for yourself.

      The Establishment does not have your best interest in mind. You are nothing, less than a pawn, to the establishment.


    the question is : is the fully vaccinated and contracted covid anyway and some in the hospital,are they going to be fined too ?? We know a few of them.

  12. ByGeorge says

    I see how it works. It’s call graft. You pay the hoods and you won’t get beat up; you still won’t be vaccinated so they can get you a second time, then a third and, etc.
    It was once possible for a rich boy to buy his way out of serving in the military by hiring somebody else to take his place. well, that was a form of graft too because it was permitted.
    If we continue to permit governments to make laws to fit their needs, they’ll continue to make laws to fit their needs.

  13. martinez says

    at the end of the day Make a Stand and Make a Choice then Move on with life, which is one of our founding Principles of this Great Country USA

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