The IRS is Racist


How dare the IRS commit such an atrocity that would make Bull Connor blush? They must have a closet full of white bed sheets. I bet they chew white tobacco whilst driving their white Ford pickups down the back roads with their heads out the window spitting their “pure” white saliva screaming “yee-haw”. This is just unacceptable, how could they? Clearly they only want a “certain type of person” working for them.

  1. Shane says

    Lol. So it’s racist if you personally do not qualify for a job application! Too funny. By all means, hire a felon without a drivers license and no education and or an illegal immigrant! That is a great idea. Let’s do that so we aren’t perceived as racist! 🤣. What a bunch of crybaby’s. The only thing they know how to do is be a victim and point accusing fingers at everyone else and blame them for their own problems and inadequacies.

    1. Billy says

      So true everything is about racism today. There’s very little of it in the south except when the government starts stirring it up so sad

  2. Bill B. says

    Anybody remember the great Honeymooners episode where the Racoon Lodge is struggling with not getting enough members? “What are the requirements?” asks one member. “High school diploma and speak English,” replies the lodge boss. “There’s the problem right there,” says Norton. “Requirements are too tough.” =

  3. Gerry says

    WOW man — must have an education and a “valid” driver’s license — that is SOOOO——- –can’t think of anything. This is absolutely ridiculous !!!!

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