The Latest Dem to Appear in Blackface

According to a police report obtained by Current Revolt, a young Clay Jenkins allegedly put dark makeup on his face in order to appear to be a black man to “scare” young college girls.

Jenkins, A Democrat who is currently serving as Dallas County Judge, was previously alleged to have raided women’s panty drawers and stolen their underwear. Alex Stein was removed from a city council meeting for simply asking him about it:

We’ve been sent copies from a police report naming an incident with Alvah Clayburn Lewis Jenkins AKA Judge Clay Jenkins, where the officer specifically cites that Jenkins wore “dark makeup on their face to make them look like black people.”

The report goes on to allege that Jenkins and his buddies had purposely gone, in blackface, to several women’s rooms to “scare the girls” thinking it was funny.

Based on the police report, it took a week to find Jenkins and his crew because the police were looking for black male suspects.

We will be reaching out to Jenkins’ office for comment and asking if he will be issuing an apology.

This is a developing story.

Original Article: BREAKING: Clay Jenkins Allegedly Wore Blackface to Terrify College Girls (

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