The Left’s Shameful Attacks on Steve Harvey

Whether it’s Kanye West, Jennifer Holliday, or the Girl Scouts of America, American liberals have made it clear that anyone who supports Donald Trump – or even treats him with a modicum of respect – will suffer the wrath of mob anger.

Since the election, the majority of the mob’s anger has been reserved for Trump himself. But on slow days, the ire has turned against people like Family Feud host Steve Harvey – a comedian who made the apparently-unforgiveable mistake of meeting with the president-elect at Trump Tower.

On CNN, Morehouse College professor Marc Lamont Hill blasted Harvey for meeting with Trump and mocked all the other “mediocre negroes being dragged in front of TV as a photo-op.”

“Again, his intention is just to have a seat at the table. But when you’re at the table, you should have experts at the table,” Hill said. “You should have people who can challenge the president at the table.”

Clearly, a simpleton like Steve Harvey is not good enough to have any input. Trump needs to go out and find respected liberal academics like Hill instead. The kind of respected liberal academics Barack Obama surrounded himself with.

On Twitter, random liberals like Jose Gardner criticized Harvey for the meeting as well: “Trump has disrespected President Obama for ten years and you went to talk with him,” Gardner tweeted to Harvey. “Trump has no respect.”

On his radio show last week, Harvey said he was surprised by the backlash.

“On a personal note, a lot of ya’ll hurt me,” he said. “You really did. I didn’t expect the backlash to be so fierce.”

But Harvey said he was standing firm in his decision to give Trump a chance, even if he didn’t agree with everything the new president planned to do.

“I have an obligation to take a seat at the table when invited,” Harvey said. “Change can only happen if you sit at the table. The only way we can heal the divide in this country is through conversation.”

But see, that’s just the problem. The left doesn’t want to heal that divide. They don’t want to build a bridge between Democrats and Republicans. They don’t want to accept that Donald Trump will be their president.

It isn’t easy to summon up a lot of sympathy for a famous, well-paid comedian, but this really isn’t about Steve Harvey. This is about the left’s utter intolerance for any celebrity who dares to show the slightest respect for the 45th president. Millions of Americans are actively rooting for Trump to fail, even if it means disaster for the country as a whole.

Survey says: Anyone who attracts the wrath of those people can’t be that bad.

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