The Loss of American Culture


What is the point of having a country if we’re not going to have a shared culture? Look, it’s one thing for us to decide that the federal government should not force Americans to believe in a certain thing. That’s fine; that’s all well and good. But increasingly, it seems that it is automatically offensive to do anything or say anything that anyone might possibly disagree with.

Take this memo that was sent out at the University of Tennessee. The Office of Diversity and Inclusion sent out the directive warning the students and staff to make sure “your holiday party is not a Christmas party in disguise.”

Oh my.

Now, you might think that they are telling the staff to avoid long prayers to Jesus and other religious ceremonial things. But that’s not what they’re saying. The memo actually makes specific mention of the “secret Santa” exchange common in workplaces and schools across the country. See, they don’t just want to take the religion out of Christmas anymore; they want to take the Christmas out of the holidays.

In an effort to make it seem like they weren’t specifically targeting Christians, the university actually warned against playing with dreidels. Yes, surely that was a big problem on campus before the memo.

This is disturbing. It wasn’t enough for these liberals to tear down nativity scenes and stop people from praying on campus; now they want to take aim at even the secular aspects of the Christmas season! Who could have imagined twenty years ago that we would arrive at the point where reindeer and Santa Claus would be under attack from the left?

This is no longer about Christianity or religion. This is about what we’re left with when we remove every aspect of a shared culture. What does that make us? When we decide that Christmas, the American flag, and our nation’s history is too offensive to even talk about, what pulls us together? What is this thing that we call the United States? Is it just a collection of tiny cultures and enclaves, all of which are offensive to everyone else and thus banned from any shared spaces?

Who wants to live like that? Who would ever be inspired to fight for a country like that?

It’s been instructive to see how the nation has responded to the Islamic terrorist attack in San Bernardino. Anyone who was alive on 9/11 can see the difference. On that date, we saw our way of life under attack. We wanted revenge. Why? For 3,000 people we never met? No, we wanted revenge because we saw this as an outside attempt to destroy the shared culture that we all loved. We wanted to defend it.

But now, there really is no shared culture because the left has decided that it’s all racist and exclusive and built on a legacy of hatred and genocide and slavery.

Well, this is the result of that. We see these attacks and we might fear another one, but we don’t feel like our way of life is under attack because what IS that way of life? Is it watching reruns of Keeping Up With the Kardashians and buying presents for INSERT GENERIC HOLIDAY HERE?

Not too inspiring.

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