The 3 Most Inexcusable Things We Learned From the MEMO


It’s been absolutely astounding and eye-opening to watch the mainstream media attack the so-called Nunes Memo. After assuring us for more than a week that the release of the memo would represent an unprecedented threat to our Justice Department, our intelligence agents, and our very democracy, they very quickly changed their tune once the memo was out. Suddenly it was no big deal – an overhyped, underdelivered, partisan nothingburger that no one should pay any attention to.

We wonder sometimes how dumb they take us to be. And then we wonder (reluctantly) if they aren’t closer to the mark than we’d like to believe.

In any case, the memo was anything but a nothingburger. This was a thick, juicy steak filled with the kind of revelations that – if made about the intelligence community’s zeal to go after, say, Hillary Clinton – would have Anderson Cooper and Rachel Maddow and all the rest of the liberal talking heads calling for heads to roll. This was the first hard evidence to back up what many Americans have had cause to believe for more than a year: That biased Obama-loyal officials practiced deception in their efforts to spy on and derail the Trump campaign. And here are the three most disturbing revelations:

#1. The “unverified, salacious” Christopher Steele Dossier formed the entire basis of the Trump/Russia investigation and formed the FBI’s entire application for a warrant to spy on an American citizen.

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This was not entirely unexpected news, of course, but now we have the final proof. Without this dossier – a political document bought and paid for by Democratic interests – this investigation would have died a quick and painless death. Don’t try to give us that crap about George Papadopoulos, whom the FBI did not even interview until January 2017. This investigation began in earnest when they got their FISA warrant, and they did that based on a dossier that to this date has NO independent corroboration. That’s not acceptable.

#2. Steele had it out for Donald Trump.

According to the memo, Christopher Steele was an admitted enemy of the Republican nominee. The memo has Steele telling his guy in the FBI, Bruce Ohr, that he “was desperate that Donald Trump not get elected and was passionate about him not being president.” Now, the media and the Democrats want to excuse this by saying of COURSE Steele said that, seeing as how he believed Trump to be a compromised Russian agent. But it is not clear when or how Steele came to these beliefs or if they were ideological in nature. Nor is it clear how that judgement might have influenced his so-called intelligence gathering.

#3. Hillary Clinton colluded with the Russians.

Well, where did the information in the Steele dossier come from, if not Russian spies? There is no other possible source, unless we conclude that Steele simply made it up in his bedroom one night. Assuming this dossier is not Steele’s 2016 presidential election fan fiction, he was relying on Russian government officials who had every reason to feed him a line of bull and send him to his American employers with a whopper of a tale. The Obama administration then used this obvious sack of lies to begin spying on their political opponents. If that’s not “collusion,” then what is?

The media is desperate to bury this story, but sorry, it ain’t going to happen. This is only, as Michelle Malkin said this weekend, the tip of the iceberg. Obama’s Titanic is headed for icy waters.

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