The Navy Chaplain Fighting for His Faith

Any sensible observer might wonder why a Christian Navy Chaplain would be facing discharge after using his faith to guide him in giving council. But while it’s not certain yet what punishment awaits Wes Modder, it is readily apparent that it is a new day in the military.

Modder has been accused of being “unable to function in a pluralistic and diverse Navy” by those who have a problem with the way he does his job. At issue (as if there was any doubt)? Da gays. Modder told Fox and Friends this week that his gay administrative assistant was not happy about his views on same-sex marriage or relationships. This assistant filed a five-page complaint against him for failing to show “tolerance and respect” when dispensing advice. He claims that the most he is guilty of is adhering to his faith.

“He did exactly what chaplains are supposed to do, which is minister to people and answer questions and one-on-one counseling of what the Bible says, of what their faith says,” his lawyer said.

As of now, Modder has been forced into seclusion while the Navy decides what to do with him. He is not permitted to carry out his counseling sessions or even converse with other sailors in his unit. His commanding officer, Captain Jon Fahs, has instituted this lockdown while deciding which actions would be appropriate. Among the possibilities: he may not get any future promotions, he may be separated for cause, and he may be subject to an inquiry board. At the extreme end of the spectrum, he may even lose his job.

Now Modder and his Liberty Institute lawyers are filing their own complaint. The Article 138 complaint goes around his immediate supervisor and up the chain of command, a move that even the Liberty Institute admits is highly unusual. If the complaint is met with receptive ears, Modder could be permitted to go back to work without renouncing his beliefs about gay marriage. It would not, however, put him in the clear regarding the charges against him. He could still be asked to leave the Navy for “endangering unit cohesion.”

It’s simply shocking, the lengths we’re willing to go so that the LGBT movement is satisfied. Not long ago, “don’t ask, don’t tell” was the policy of choice for the armed forces. Blink your eyes, and suddenly it’s not only okay to be gay in the military, it’s unacceptable to express beliefs contrary to the gay agenda? Even when those beliefs are rooted in religious faith?

Brave new world. Best of luck to Modder, but he’s facing a liberal establishment that only has “tolerance” for their own ideas.

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