The News Makes Republicans Angry

According to a new NBC News poll, Republican voters have cornered the market on anger. 61% of Republicans reported feeling angrier about current events than they were a year ago while only 42% of Democrats said they felt this way. The pollsters said they attributed the anger to “the sense that the U.S. is no longer the most powerful country in the world; that the American dream is dead; that the gap between the rich and poor is widening; and that one’s life didn’t turn out as well as one had imagined when they were younger.”

Fair enough, but that’s a rather lofty interpretation of something that can probably be more easily explained by simply looking at the events that defined 2015. Month after month, conservatives were slapped in the face by an endless barrage of stories that told a consistent, terrifying narrative: Our country is in real trouble.

Islamic Terrorism
Terrorists attacked the West with renewed brutality last year. After kicking off 2015 with the shocking Charlie Hebdo massacre, Islamists outdid themselves by killing 130 people in four simultaneous Paris attacks in November. If that wasn’t enough, the San Bernardino shooting proved that terrorists remain quite capable of striking the U.S. Meanwhile, we have a president who seems more concerned about Islam’s reputation than ISIS’s destruction. How could any American not be angry?

Gay Marriage
This summer, the Supreme Court made a decision that effectively legalized gay marriage in all 50 states. This decision required the assenting justices to redefine the word “marriage,” stretch the 14th Amendment well beyond the breaking point, and pretend they had the legal justification to thwart democracy. If liberals were capable of seeing anything beyond the tips of their noses, they would be angry about this one, too. Apparently the ends justify the means.

Black Lives Matter
This misbegotten movement was born on a cloud of lies, and the American media has been complicit in lending these protesters unwarranted legitimacy. This came to a head in Baltimore when violence erupted in the name of Freddie Gray, but it also led to a college campus movement that gives us one absurdity after another. The anger here is not just about the lying media, the riots, or the attacks on law enforcement. Republicans are also frustrated watching liberal elites manufacture social justice causes that are more about increasing division than solving problems.

And that only scratches the surface. When you start making a comprehensive list – the war on religious freedom, the Paris Climate treaty, the Iran deal, Republican congressional betrayal, Hillary Clinton’s emails, etc. – it’s a wonder conservatives ever find time not to be angry about current events.

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