The Palestinians, Liberal Darlings, Put Kibosh on LGBT Gathering

It never fails to amuse us when we see American liberals going out of their way to support, prop up, and propagandize for orthodox Muslims. Say what you will about Islam – and there is plenty to say – but as a religion, it is not a natural friend of feminists, progressives, or anyone else on the left who wants to further the cause of equal rights. Indeed, countries and communities which are predominately Muslim tend to be some of the most authoritarian, regressive places on the planet.

We were reminded of that again this week when the Palestinian Authority banned members of the Palestinian LGBTQ community from planning activities in the West Bank.

This is the same Palestinian leadership that American liberals cherish whenever they get half a chance to mount their soapbox. Such a chance, of course, came just last week when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu barred Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib from entering the country. Every Democrat in the U.S. came out of the woodwork to bash Trump, bash Bibi, and decry Israel for being occupiers and fascists.

But if there is a strain of authoritarian fascism in the region, it seems you can find it over on the Palestinian side. That’s where PA police announced that the Al-Qaws for Sexual & Gender Diversity in Palestinian Society group would not be permitted to hold an event in Nablus promoting their LGBT agenda. While Al-Qaws has been around since 2001, a spokesman for the PA police told the Jerusalem Post that their activities are “harmful to the higher values and ideals of Palestinian society.”

The group and its activities, said spokesman Luay Zreikat, is totally “unrelated to religions and Palestinian traditions and customs, especially in the city of Nablus.”

The Post further reports that the PA police have not only banned the group from putting on their event in Nablus, but that members of Al-Qaws will be arrested and brought to trial. Zreikat went on to urge “Palestinians to report to the police about any person connected to the group.”

This is the kind of thing that American leftists support?

But we suppose it makes a certain kind of sense, if you know the diseased mind of the liberal. It’s the Oppression Olympics, of course. Muslims are more “oppressed” and downtrodden than gays, so Muslims get the upper hand in this neverending game of moral righteousness. Brown trumps pink, in other words. This is also why liberals are loathe to talk about the rampant levels of anti-gay sentiment in the African-American community. It’s one of those uncomfortable realities that really doesn’t play to their strengths. Put another way: It doesn’t let them rail against white men.

Which, in the end, seems to be the left’s only real purpose.

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