The Plan to Put Term Limits on Justices


The Democrats are so angry at the conservative majority of the Supreme Court that they have initiated the effort to place term limits on Supreme Court justices. Leftist media says the measure is meant to “restore legitimacy to the institution”.

The defeat of Biden’s vaccine mandate for employees last year and most notably the ruling overturning Roe v. Wade last month, in addition to others, left the Democrats fuming at the Supreme Court’s conservative justices that have become a wall standing in the way of the left’s political agenda. On Tuesday, Georgia’s Democrat congressman Hank Johnson introduced a bill in the House that seeks to place 18-year term limits on Supreme Court justices. After serving 18 years on the bench, Supreme Court justices will need to take senior status and retire.

Sheldon Whitehouse, a Democrat senator from Rhode Island, is also introducing a similar bill in the U.S. Senate though media says he has not yet revealed when he is formally introducing the bill.

Through these bills, the Democrats also plan to restrict future presidents to nominate no more than 2 Supreme Court justices per term as a president would be entitled to nominate a Supreme Court judge in his/her first and third years. While it’s easy to see that the primary target of the Democrats is taking control of the SCOTUS, the necessity for longest serving judges to retire as new ones are appointed is likely aimed at removing Clarence Thomas. Justice Thomas has been on the bench for 30 years, the longest among the current justices on the bench and has been most consistent in ruling for conservative

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causes and values. Under the Biden administration, he has been the top target of vicious attacks by liberal politicians, media, and activists.

Reporting on the Democrats’ move on the SCOTUS justices, Fox News wrote that the effort to implement term limits would require a constitutional amendment. Such an amendment requires a two-thirds majority vote in both the House and the Senate. In the current congressional makeup, it seems highly unlikely that the Democrats will be able to pass these bills through either chamber. 

However, the media and activist wings of the Democrats are likely to continue selectively harassing the conservative justices, some going as far as plotting the assassination of one or more conservative justices on the bench. On Wednesday, newly unveiled FBI search warrant showed that 26-year-old Nicholas John Roske planned not only to assassinate Justice Brett Kavanaugh but two others as well so that the liberals could have a majority in the Supreme Court. 

The newly released document also says that Roske was planning on targeting at least two other members of the Court but did not identify them.

  1. Jerry says

    How about term limits on Congress?

  2. Dean E says

    Article III, Section 1 of the constitution states “ “The Judges, both of the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices during good Behavior,”. As I see it Congress cannot impose term limits on Supreme Court justices without a constitutional amendment, and I don’t see that happening.

    I agree with the previous comment, limit congressional terms, no constitutional amendment required.

    Excerpt From
    United States Constitution with Simple Summary
    Dakota Yates
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  3. Leslie says

    Definitely need term limits on congressional representatives! Pelosi and the rest of her old farts have long overstayed their usefulness to We The People, whom they are supposed to serve. Instead they continue with their personal agenda’s for self enriching.
    They want the SCOTUS to be no longer constitutional or for the good of the people, only to further their own agendas. This administration have not honored the oaths of office. None of Bernie’s squad do, nor do they respect America, they should go back to their country instead of trying to make America what they left!

  4. FRED H. SMITH says

    more prattle from the naysayers who are afraid to put term limits on thir jobs …. By using term limitts they should not be sllowed to serve more than 2 term,s,, no switching Houses to get 4 terms,, 2 terms and totally out

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