The Salvation Army Wants Your Money, And For Whites To Apologize For Being White


The Salvation Army has recently come under significant fire for asking white donors to “offer a sincere apology” for racism. The nearly 150-year old organization created a curriculum entitled “Let’s Talk About Racism” and shared it with its members, along with associated DEI Trainings that cite and draw from Robin DiAngelo and Ibram X. Kendi’s work.  The packet argues that Christians should “stop trying to be ‘colorblind’” and that they should apologize for being “antagonistic.. to black people or the culture, values and interests of the black community.” In response, donors by the thousands have vowed not to donate until the organization reverses their stance.

The Salvation Army has denied any wrongdoing, defiantly calling the allegations that they have gone woke “false.” While they admit that the topic of race in America can be fraught with controversy, they have denied they have “gone woke.”  Much of their denial centers around their claim that use of the guide was completely voluntary, and that they are not peddling critical race narratives in their organization.

I obtained a copy of The Salvation Army’s internal survey on “racism within the Salvation Army” and tested that claim.

One Salvation Army officer reached out on condition of anonymity to Color Us United, the raceblind advocacy organization which I run, to reveal an internal survey he was asked to take. It was not a voluntary survey, and was sent by the Territorial Diversity and Inclusion Secretary to every Salvation Army Officer in the US Central Territory. The purpose of the survey, according to an email from the “Territorial Racial Diversity and Inclusion Secretary,” was “to better understand perception of institutional racial bias within The Salvation Army.” The accompanying email stated that there was no “preconceived idea” with regard to whether or not racism existed in The Salvation Army, and told recipients that there were no wrong answers.

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I sat down and went through the questions.  

First, Questions #1, #2, and #3 asked me for my race, age, and gender.  I could not skip these questions.  Already, I felt uncomfortable being required to list my personal attributes.  If I was an officer, I would be wondering: how could this information be used against me in the future? (They did promise anonymity in this survey.)

The survey then asks Salvationists if they agree with the following definition of racism: “Institutional racism refers to organizational or system processes, behaviors, policies, or procedures, which produce negative outcomes for nonwhites relative to those for whites.” The remaining questions in the survey are dependent upon agreeing to this definition of racism. For any Officer or Soldier who disagrees with this framing, there is no way to express any disagreement or nuance apart from plainly saying that racism does not exist.

Question #6 goes on to ask the survey taker whether they believe there is any institutional bias or racism in The Salvation Army. Question #7 says: “If you answered no to question #6, do you think others in The Salvation Army think there are racial tensions or institutional racism?” The purpose of these questions, I started to feel, was to force the survey taker to admit that The Salvation Army is institutionally racist according to their definition of racism. There is no room for any Officer to elaborate on how they disagree with the definitions, framing, or worldview informing the questions.

The final question asks: “What is the best way to address Racism in The Salvation Army?” The answer options are: “individual reconciliation,” “group reconciliation,” “addressing structures and practices that cause racism,” “all of the above,” or “other.” Note that there is no option for the survey taker to simply say that racism is not a problem in The Salvation Army. The survey (which according to the email, was “intended to go to all the officers within your division, employees, and soldiers” for the Central Territory) simply assumes that racism is present in the organization.

Going through the survey, it became apparent that the survey was attempting to lead me to making only one conclusion about The Salvation Army – that it harbored problematic racism.  

This belief is one of the core tenets of critical race theory. Critical race theorists teach that racism is ubiquitous in all aspects of American life. They also teach that it works systemically; that is, by being ingrained in the systems and institutions that operate in society. Their primary evidence of the system being racist is the reality that individuals from different demographics have different life outcomes on average, without taking into account any variables that might impact said life outcomes apart from the color of their skin. All of these concepts are reflected in The Salvation Army’s survey.

Any officer who believes in individualism, colorblindness, and meritocracy will be unable to answer any of the survey questions in good faith. Any officer who believes that The Salvation Army is not a racist organization would not be able to answer these questions in good faith either.  Many (if not most) Americans believe that racism is primarily an issue of individuals who harbor feelings of hate against those of other races, not a society-wide conspiracy as alleged by antiracist activists. This survey totally excludes the colorblind perspective from the conversation and forces Officers and other Salvationists into a critical race theory-informed box.

And yet the organization remains steadfast in their denial that their actions are indicative of a commitment to wokeness or critical race theory. They explicitly deny claiming that “America is an inherently racist society” and say that “no one is being told how to think.”

But their actions speak louder than their words. Asking Salvationsists to take a survey that implies only nonwhite people can be the victims of racism is an implicit condemnation of America as a racist society. Framing all the questions within a critical race theory-based lens is telling them how to think.

There can be no true dialogue so long as “antiracism” is still the foundation of The Salvation Army’s race discourse. It is divisive, opposed to the fundamental principles of Christian colorblindness, and serves only to insult and marginalize the good people who run and operate The Salvation Army on the ground.

Kenny Xu is the President of Color Us United and the author of the book “An Inconvenient Minority.”

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  1. Wanda Woeman says

    Hopefully, as a result of this race baiting propagandist narrative, the Salvation Army’s Holiday ‘giving’ will see as well, a steep decline.

  2. Den says

    Go FUCK yourself!!!!!!!!!!!your a races pig!

    1. Dave says

      A Races?

  3. ONLYJB1 says

    You ain’t getting a dime and go Brandon yourself!!!!!!!×××××++!!!!

  4. Dreyfus says

    I’ve donated to the Salvation Army for years but in the future I will NOT donate to them anymore. No matter what they say, they are promoting wokeism. They feel all whites should apologize for being white. I do not believe people of any race should apologize for their race, religion or any other beliefs. the Salvation Army “heads of state” are ruining what was once a good organization.

    1. BillW says

      I agree. I donated in the past but no longer donate. And I have never treated a person differently because of skin color. I treat them by how they treat others. You treat others with respect then I’ll treat you the same way. You treat others without respect then I will avoid interacting with you.

    2. Anonymous says

      So sad that see such a once good organization turn into this! Let me say this loud and clear to the people falling for this narrative, not all white people are racist! Please stop falling for this globalist agenda and wake up please! They have to take down the west! And what a better way to do it! A little logical thinking would go a long way here! God bless all of God’s children ✝️

  5. RITA BENSON says


  6. RITA BENSON says


  7. Dreyfus says

    I have donated to the Salvation Army for years, but due to their position on racism, I will not donate to them anymore. No one should have to apologize for their race, religion or any other belief. This organization has taken a good group and ruined it due to wokeism. They no longer have my support.

  8. hcool says

    I stay away from and will not support anyone or group who spouts CRT or woke b.s.

  9. Dave Spain says

    Stop donations they will do. Come to their Senses .gross woke stupidity

  10. Lfty64 says

    Well they just lost my “drop in the bucket”!

  11. John R. DeJulius says

    Good luck with that crap !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The “WOKE” folks need to get a JOB, learn reasonability and self-reliance !!!!!!!!!

  12. Don says

    I apologize for ever giving a single cent to Salvation Army.

  13. Jay says

    I am White, Salvation Army gets coal for Christmas. They lose out for going woke.

    1. Sally says

      We will not support any company that pushes Critical Race Lies anywhere! Salvation Army better drain their swamp!

  14. Henry Lesieur says

    I have rang the bell for them (free not one being paid) or several years. Donated several times a year. Bragged on how they had helped several men l knew while in the Army. GOODBYE SA

  15. Larry Hartog says

    You have fallen to the voice of Satan. Nowhere in the Bible does God project this kind of thinking, “He tell us to love our neighbor as we love ourselves.” Return to the teaching of the Bible and forget at being woke.

  16. Paul says

    All donations should stop. Eventually management will back track on their stupidity to get donations back on track. People should not resume any donations until the ‘woke’ managers are fired and replaced. There must be consequences for management stupidity!

  17. Anonymous says

    I guess you don’t know want this white asses money. Always gave to the salvation army but never again.

  18. Bruce D Seer says

    LOL…saw someone today ringing their little bell asking for Salvation Army donations…I didn’t give today and now I will never give considering that most of the money donated probably never gets to those that really need it…Salvation Army probably uses most of the donations for internal salary increases for the executives or to have their offices remodeled…

  19. Duane says

    Think about this here is an organization who’s purpose is to help the needy and promote good will at not only this special time of year to celebrate peace love and goodwill to all men but all year long. Now they are promoting goodwill for only one group while demeaning another group? Maybe GOODWILL industries is a better fit.

    1. agile1 says

      Goodwill???? You must be joking – they came out with the same crap prior to SA. I frankly do not know NOW who to donate things that should go directly to the needy anymore.

  20. JEFF BUCHANAN says

    They could go suck a sour shit ball !

  21. TED FISCHER, says

    I have always given to the first bucket I saw. I did it this year. Then I read the CRT being pushed by them. I hope my last donation can sustain them for their future. It is the last time I give to them even if they want to change their way of thinking. A pig with lipstick is still a pig.

  22. Lisa Ferrell says

    Salvation Army has helped my children many times and I have always given back over the years after things got so much better! I don’t Jude by skin color only by how people act. I was taught to treat people with respect and that’s all most people expect in return. It hurts to see this happening in a place that should be helping all people w/o any judgment! God Bless! Search your Hearts

  23. Larry Bowling says

    It is simply awful that top people in SA were allowed to do and say the things that they have published. If there is a board of directors in the SA organization, they should take steeps to rid the SA of anyone and everyone who preaches this divisive message. The SA collections for this year are way, way down from years prior. The American citizens are sending a very clear message to the SA that says we do not appreciate being targeted as racists when there is no validation for doing so. We should apologize for something we did not do?!?! I do not think so.

  24. jerry1944 says

    No thanks but i can make sure i dont donate a dime to your group are those kittle Stopped donateing to ST Jude when they went for mandate vac left some Co that went woke To me thqat means they not awake enough for me to work with and dear old salvation Army seems to have gone that way I always wonder just HOW honest they really where any ways

  25. Carolyn says

    Never give again. There are many other organizations that help people and they don’t teach CRT!

  26. Anonymous says

    I am going to go out of my way to donate to the salvation army. I have a special penny to illustrate how I feel.

  27. Dawn Roberts says

    I’m a Salvationist born and raised. I’ve even had relatives who were officers. I’m still in contact with some of the officers from my youth. I’m sure they are horrified by this. I’m sharing this with them. I’m 50 years old and I have never seen or heard of racism in the Army. I’ve been to divisional headquarters and to top off that. My brother is a gay man who has worked in the office of a few Armys and he was never discriminated against. We’re thaught to love everyone regardless of race!

  28. Samuel Saladino says

    Seriously? You want Whites to appologize for being White to support your apparent RACISM against people who are WHITE? Two WRONGS don’t make a RIGHT, and MY FAMILY IS NOT, nor have we have been racist towards anyone due to the color of their skin. I have members of my family that are White, Hispanics, and Black. My support for the Salvation Army just ended! Adios!

  29. marcia says

    I am sorry to hear all of this. I always thought they were doing some great work, but now…wonder.
    I doubt I will ever help fill that bucket again!! I have other charitable giving that I believe in more.

    Sad comment on the state of things!

  30. Dean C says

    You have lost another donation soldier. I cannot believe the you stayed that white folks should apologize for being white. I won’t go into the American history lesson but can tell you this. White folks give around 75% of the cash donations to the agency. We do so for the work and need of the people that have fallen on hard times or through a loss of everything There are other agencies, black and white owned that would appreciate our love. Until further notice you will receive no monies from my family.

  31. Patti says

    When we all donate to the Salvation Army or any charity we don’t think about the color of the persons skin our donation is helping, all we care about is we are helping people in need. So this year when you are unable to give as much to the people in need as you have in the past because donations are down please explained to them it’s because you, the Salvation Army decided to insult the very people making the donations with your racist comments. By the way Salvation Army I was raised and believe there is only ONE person that gets to judge us and IT MOST DEFINITELY ISN’T YOU

  32. Peter K Baker says

    Get woke go something. I can’t remember that last word. It’s on the tip of my tongue but I can’t quite remember it. Oh well I’m sure it won’t affect the salvation army or Hollywood or corporations or the News media at all.

  33. Robert says

    The way things are today in this country—-really—-is anyone THAT surprised to find another American institution cave to the far left woke radicals that continue to penetrate every aspect of society? I am not surprised in the least. Only question remaining is how MANY actually are now lock stock and barrel bought into the CRT bullshit? You might be surprised—or shocked at the answer.

  34. yazdgerd says

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  37. Linda 🇧🇹 says

    I never walked by a bell ringer without dropping something in their bucket however since their stance on white people should apologize I will never again give!

  38. Glenda Newton says

    Ditto on all these comments. My white money will now go to animal shelters who don’t look at breed or color of an animal they just help them find forever homes. SO SAD! Wish I could suck back all the white bucks we’ve given over the years but not another dime!!!

  39. Ed says

    I like so many others have given to the Salvation Army! I grew up very poor going to work on a farm at the age of 12. I never grew up feeling entitled worked hard and after the military went to work and had a good life but not because I was white.
    I did not grow up down south had a lot of friends of all races and backgrounds while in the military. Always treated people of all races with respect as long as they were respectful to me!!
    No body has ever given me much of anything but I always believed in giving!
    Now after all these years the Salvation Army say’s that I have to feel bad about being white well you have seen my last dime, Goodbye 👋

  40. EB says

    I wonder if the SA is also going to furnish the services they provide to people in need on the basis of race too. If so, they have become evil.

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