The Shame of Being White

Documentary filmmaker Whitney Dow released the latest episode of his so-called “Whiteness Project” this week – an endeavor that involves interviewing white millennials about the nature of their race. But in case you thought this might be a film series aimed at celebrating “whiteness,” think again. In a piece published by NBC News, it becomes quickly obvious that this is just the latest attempt to make white Americans feel ashamed of their heritage.

“How I actually live my life and the experiences I’ve had are so different than how people perceive me,” Dow complained. He thinks that many white Americans are suffering from the same preconceptions.

“I’m not necessarily happy that I’m white because of all the extra stuff that came with it,” said one dreadlocked white millennial in an interview with Dow. “Because of the way our race has acted throughout the course of history. Like, they’ve done the evil, most messed-up things I’ve ever seen.”

Dow began the project to ask questions that reflect his worldview. “I do feel that it is the obligation of white people who have benefited from the structural racism that exists in our country since it was founded to create – to move towards – to help us move toward a more equitable society,” he said.

So he set out to find the answers to this and other questions. But though he told NBC that he was not an “activist,” he’s clearly not interested in asking questions that might poke holes in his mode of thinking. The grand theory – that white people are the beneficiaries of invisible “privilege” – is assumed to be true. Now it’s just a matter of figuring out what to do about it.


It’s fascinating – and a little frightening – how enthusiastically white millennials have embraced their own demonization. Is there any historical precedent for what we’re seeing right now in America and around the world? How have liberals successfully convinced millions of white Americans to feel ashamed of themselves – not for anything they did, but merely for being born into an “oppressive” society?

The trope of the “guilty white liberal” has been around for a long time, but this goes far beyond anything we’ve ever seen before. We have presidential candidates who are forced to admit their own privilege. It’s not even controversial. In fact, it’s so mainstream that Democrats get in hot water for saying something as blatantly true as “all lives matter.”

At its core, this actually has nothing to do with race. This is just one more trick liberals are using to encourage Americans to hate their own country. Without that motivation, the socialist revolution will never happen.

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