The Smearing of Scott Pruitt is Only About the Climate Change Agenda

It seems that EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt may be the next Trump administration official to fall on his sword. Word has it that President Trump and Chief of Staff John Kelly have had it up to here with the negative headlines and seemingly endless stream of scandals emerging from Pruitt’s office and splashing all over the front pages of the country’s major newspapers. Trump doesn’t want or need his Cabinet members stealing attention away from the White House’s agenda, and he has proven to have little patience for appointees who can’t walk the straight and narrow. He was elected to drain the swamp, and his management style doesn’t leave room for a great deal of forgiveness.

In this case, though, we hope that Trump will keep one thing in mind: The war against Pruitt is built on trumped-up allegations, shaky premises, and a desire on the environmentalist whacko left to take down one of the biggest threats to their climate change agenda.

This has nothing to do with giving raises to aides, renting a townhouse from a lobbyist, or flying business class around the country. These issues – as thin as they are – are only there as a smokescreen for a concerted movement against the current direction of the Environmental Protection Agency. Pruitt could have been an absolutely Boy Scout from his first day in office and the attacks against him would be no less vicious and no less detached from reality.

Consider the flap about how much Pruitt is spending to supposedly jetset around the globe.

“The double standard couldn’t be more clear: Under Barack Obama’s EPA the media chose not to report on expenditures to protect the EPA administrator for international travel or the costs of their trips,” an EPA spokesman told the Washington Free Beacon. “But under the Trump administration, the costs to protect our government officials is somehow scandalous.”

Exactly. And as the Free Beacon proved with an analysis of travel records, BOTH of the previous EPA administrators under Obama actually spent just as much or more on their international flights. Where was the scandal? Where were the anti-Trumpers then? Where were the people calling for Gina McCarthy’s resignation? We didn’t hear a peep, because these kinds of expenses are wholly ordinary and are only a scandal now because Pruitt has made powerful enemies with the Greenhouse gasbags who see their hard-fought victories coming undone one regulation at a time.

Pruitt is doing nothing more or less than taking the extreme agenda out of the EPA’s mission and returning it to its former purpose and glory. For that, he is being vilified and attacked and smeared with every flavor of hyperbolic allegation the left can imagine. We hope he can survive this dark period because if the left realizes they can take down any Cabinet member with nothing more than an onslaught of FOIA requests and sensational, one-sided news stories, the Trump administration’s agenda will be stopped cold.

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