The Trans Bathroom Fight and the Disturbing Endgame

Last week, the Obama administration proved that they were not about to let their transgender bathroom agenda fall by the wayside, regardless of the intense political and legal pushback it is drawing from states across the country. On Tuesday, the Department of Justice asked a federal judge to block North Carolina’s law that requires men and women to use the men’s and women’s bathroom facilities respectively. North Carolina is, in turn, suing the Obama administration, accusing the federal government of once again exceeding its constitutional mandate. A mandate that Obama has gotten very good at ignoring.

Imagine it was 1995, and the story unfolding today was the plot of a dark sci-fi novel. You wouldn’t believe it. Sure, maybe society could crumble into various districts and pit children against each other for the sake of entertainment. Sure, maybe scientists could bring dinosaurs back to life. But to believe that a president – even a liberal Democrat – would try to legally erase the lines between men and women? No, that’s ridiculous.

Somehow, though, it’s not ridiculous. It’s controversial, but we’ve already accepted it as part of American life in 2016. And it shouldn’t be surprising that it happened so fast. All of us have been indoctrinated for twenty years, preparing us for this moment. This is especially true for millennials, who have been taught that one concept matters more than anything else: Tolerance.

Tolerance can be a great thing, but here’s the problem: it’s always been a one-way street. No one has pushed gays and transgenders to be tolerant of Christians. No, “tolerance” only comes into play when there’s a liberal agenda at stake. We’re not opening our society to a larger spectrum of available viewpoints and opinions; we’re simply replacing certain opinions with others. These opinions over here are now acceptable; those opinions over there are now bigoted and backwards. So it is written. So shall it be.

To liberals, this is progress, and it’s not hard for them to convince others that they’re on the right side of history. Look at slavery. Look at the Jim Crow south. Look at the way we used to limit the rights of women. Only a fool would argue that societal beliefs and norms must remain rigid and unchanging; we learn, we grow, and we correct historical injustices along the way.

But if you pause and take a step back for a moment, you can see that they’re trying to take advantage of a logical fallacy. Do the mistakes in America’s history mean that all of our old beliefs were just as wrong as our beliefs about blacks and women? Do we need to examine our beliefs about child molestation? Do we need to re-think our position on criminal behavior? Is it time to update this whole “freedom” thing?

Increasingly, liberals are pushing us to see Old America as a country that got almost everything wrong. They don’t want to tweak it here and there; they want to dismantle the whole thing and build something new from the pieces. And if they can get us to believe and accept that, on any given day, a man can become a woman and a woman can become a man, they can get us to believe just about anything.

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