The War on Terror is now focused on us


I have said it before and I will say it again here, I do not support violence for any reason anywhere. I support law, order and justice by means of a functioning system working through legislation, truth, understanding, balance, research and information. I support the Constitution and the freedom of thought. A main component for the freedom of thought to actually exist is the ability to ask questions on any matter within existence, from politics to elections to economics to healthcare to society to humanity, to religion, and to anything else that exists under the sun on Earth.

Today, the ability to keep the freedom of thought by questioning existence is being questioned itself by institutions which wish to suppress this freedom of thought by putting fear into the population. 

The Department of Homeland Security has just issued a new warning on Friday against domestic and foreign threats for the coming 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. While this is understandable with current events and could be a possibly good thing to raise awareness to protect the American people from something like that ever happening again, the warning also includes targeting of the American people who question things like the 2020 election or the recent health mandates for covid. 

This is what makes me sad. I saw a post online from a picture about the warning, headlining that threats could come from Trump supporters, those who question vaccines mandates and those who question the 2020 election. To compare any of that to the threat of 9/11 or potential terrorists seems a bit disturbing to me, and the fear mongering does nothing but further divide the American population. There is nothing wrong with asking questions and seeking truth, especially in America where the freedom of thought is written to be paramount in who we are as a nation of free people. To place this label on a mass of American society, as regardless if there was election fraud or not, at least around half the population voted for Trump, this seems to seek to use fear and demonizing rhetoric to further divide the population. This seems to be intended to make people afraid of asking questions. Again, this doesn’t make me angry or scared, it just makes me sad to see this happening from a government institution here in the United States.

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One thing that I was happy to see from the report was that the threat of Iran, China and Russia were also being talked about as real. There are true threats to our freedom here in America, and those are the places on the planet that should be the target of concern, not the American people. I am glad to see that the Department of Homeland Security still is willing to acknowledge these true threats we face. 

I cannot imagine any Trump supporter or anyone who loves America and its freedom doing anything to resemble the attack on 9/11 that we faced. I remember the day myself, and it was the most horrible experience that I have ever witnessed on American soil. What happened on that day was true horror here, and we must do everything we can to make sure that something like that never happens again. 

Here’s to hoping common sense prevails across America, and the freedom of thought to question anything remains a right to all the free people here. For all races, colors and creeds, from Democratic to Republican, for Christians to atheists and everyone on any side who cares about what it is to freely think as an individual. It is the inherent right of every human to think, and no fear should ever stop that capability. I hope the DHS remains focused on real threats to our nation, people and freedom, and I also hope that we as a people can make it through the coming future without harm. I pray we find justice, truth and peace through rational thought and common understanding. 

Still, the world of today makes me sad on too many levels to count. 

Still, I have hope.

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