This Invented Trump Scandal is Even Weaker Than the First

Though at the end of the day, the Trump/Russia conspiracy scandal was proven to be the hoax most of us expected it to be all along, that story at least had some meat on its bones. Most of that meat came in the form of fake news, jump-to-conclusions-style innuendo, and making mountains out of molehills, but there was enough sizzle and smoke to make for at least a few months’ worth of intrigue. At the very least, you couldn’t be 100% sure that Trump or one of his campaign advisers didn’t do something wrong. There was that pesky Trump Tower meeting, after all.

But this one…it’s weak. It’s weak as hell. And, unlike the Russia story, which the Democrats and the media were at least able to imbue with a sense of forward momentum, the Ukraine story is DOA. THIS is seriously the basis on which they’re going to pursue impeachment.

THESE are their new bombshells?

Trump Pressed Australian Leader to Help Barr Investigate Mueller Inquiry’s Origins – New York Times headline.

Even if this story had not turned out to be false – Australia’s leaders actually offered up their assistance to the Trump administration – it would be a nothingburger. What, the Obama administration can scour the ends of the earth looking for dirt on Trump, but the second things turn around, there’s something illegal or unethical or impeachable about it? Um, no.

“Like [the Ukraine] call, Mr. Trump’s discussion with Prime Minister Scott Morrison of Australia shows the president using high-level diplomacy to advance his personal political interests,” the Times opines under the guise of straight news reporting.

But we are still pretending like the Obama administration’s deep-dive into the Trump campaign had nothing to do with the president’s “political interests” at the time, are we? Okay, just making sure.

“Note what NYT is doing here–trying to suggest questions about 2016 are beyond the pale,” tweeted Kim Strassel. “Since when is getting to the truth a ‘personal political interest’? They loved it when Mueller was investigating 2016; but now want all further queries to stop.”

Yeah, weird, huh? When the subject is Donald Trump, opposition politicians can employ whatever foreign assistance they need, bend the rules of the Constitution, and threaten to prosecute all day long. But the very second Trump tries to turn the tables, a bunch of constitutional experts come crawling out of the woodwork to assure us that we are in the hands of a ruthless dictator who will stop at nothing to win in 2020.

We’re beyond the point where we’re even slightly amused by this double-standard. And to see the polling numbers go up in favor of impeachment makes us weep for the collective intelligence of this country.

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