This is Why Comey Should Have Stayed Silent in July


It has been fascinating to watch FBI Director James Comey suddenly go from a darling of the Democrats to the savior of the Trump campaign. In July, the situation was totally reversed. Trump supporters were saying that Comey, Loretta Lynch, and the Clintons should all be locked up; Hillary Clinton’s disciples were praising the FBI chief as an honorable man of the law. Now, with the revelation of the Weiner emails, Trump supporters are praising Comey for doing his job and Hillary’s people are saying that Comey should be ridden out of town on a rail.

So what’s going on here?

The truth is, Trump supporters had it right the first time, and Comey’s letter to Congress on Friday doesn’t change that. We’re still rather unlikely to ever see Hillary Clinton prosecuted for these emails, even if it turns out there are compromising messages on the Weiner/Abedin devices. And Democrats have a fair point when they bring up how suspiciously political this message seems so close to the election.

Comey, though, had little choice. He put himself in a terrible position when he announced that Clinton would not be prosecuted for her crimes. He should have never made that statement to begin with. It wasn’t his job. He was put in that position, of course, by Attorney General Lynch, who disgraced herself when she met with Bill Clinton for 40 minutes on an airport tarmac a few days before the announcement.

But why make a public announcement at all at that time? Only one reason: The Obama/Clinton alliance demanded it. Hillary wanted this off the table in time for the Democratic National Convention, and she got what she wanted. She may not have liked the format of the statement, which was brutally critical of her handling of the email situation, but she was certainly happy about the bottom line.

Democrats today are complaining that Comey is a right-wing partisan who is injecting politics into law enforcement. But let’s get serious. He’s investigating one of the most prominent politicians in America – the Democratic nominee for president. There’s no way to keep “politics” out of something like that, and the Obama administration has made it impossible for Comey to even get close. This has been totally political from the beginning, and that’s why the new phase looks so strange. Once you open the door to this nonsense, there’s no closing it back up.


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