Thought Police: Liberals Want to Shut Down NRATV

There’s been a lot of discussion about the Second Amendment over the last couple of weeks (and rightfully so). But over on Twitter, a group of loosely-organized celebrities and liberal know-nothings are going back to their old tricks, which include not only assailing the right to bear arms but also the right to free speech. No, they’re not specifically calling on the government to shut down certain opinions, but they are trying to get the NRA’s streaming channel removed from the digital airwaves. Because no one hates an opposing opinion like the left. They’re terrified of a true debate…which of course leads them to put on phony, scripted charades like the one we witnessed on CNN last week.

The immediate target of their ire is Amazon, which carries NRATV through its Prime Video option.

“Behold, the coordinated blue-check, gun-grabbing speech-squelchers of the Left now pressuring Amazon to censor NRATV because they can’t win policy debate on facts & logic,” wrote conservative columnist Michelle Malkin in a tweet drawing attention to the #StopNRAmazon campaign.

And indeed, her reference to the “blue-check” squad is not off the mark. The phrase indicates verified members of Twitter, which includes plenty of celebrities – in the loosest possible definition of the term.

People like Evan Hander, who wrote: “Did you know there is something called NRAtv? And that it’s carried by streaming service @amazon? We’d like to stop them from carrying this gun industry funded misinformation, which adds to gun violence throughout our nation. Please let @JeffBezos know.”

Citation required on the “gun industry funded” part. Citation required on the “misinformation” part. Citation required on the “adds to gun violence” part. But Handler is right: NRATV is a thing and it’s carried by Amazon. So there’s that.

Justine Bateman, an actress you may remember from…well no, you probably don’t remember her…said: “@amazon, I noticed that you don’t sell guns on your site (with the exception of BB guns, air rifles, and accessories). It would follow then that you would not allow NRATV distribution.”

Hmm, no. Not really. Or else you could make the same argument and say that because Amazon allows an NRA program in their streaming service, they should really start selling guns. Logic! Not a liberal’s greatest strength.

Bateman linked to a recent New York Times article about NRATV, which is apparently what got all of this started. We wonder what part of that article really got these liberals fired up. Was it the revelation that the NRA has a channel? That they discuss guns? Or was it, perhaps, this part:

The channel has become a little-noticed but vital forum for the dissemination of some of the most strident pro-gun messaging in politics today, with hosts and guests who are closely allied with Mr. Trump. Few news media operations seem as in sync with the political sensibilities of the Trump era.

They attack the enemies he attacks, condemning the news media as “dishonest” and “failing.” They have questioned the credibility of the F.BI., whose failure to act on tips about the suspect in the Florida shooting has intensified criticism from conservatives seeking to discredit the bureau — this week, Dana Loesch, an N.R.A. spokeswoman, encouraged mass demonstrations outside F.B.I. offices.

Make no mistake, the war on guns is now, and always has been, just another branch of the war on conservatism. The left is, of course, interested in banning firearms as quickly as they can, but they are just as interested in turning “gun owner” into another one of those Great American Evils like “being white,” “being Christian,” and “voting Republican.” They don’t want to win the argument. They want to shut down the argument.

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