Throwing Looters in Jail is Racist, Says Leftist Crackpot

On Sunday, the Miami Police Department issued a social media warning that you will probably find sensible and timely, given the circumstances South Florida is facing in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

“Thinking about looting?” asked the MPD Twitter account. “Ask these guys how that turned out.” The tweet was sent in conjunction with a photograph of people in jail, presumably for the crime in question.

It’s hard to think of a less controversial thing for a police department to post. You want to break the law, take advantage of a chaotic situation, and steal from hard-working citizens? Well guess what? You’re going to spend some time in the slammer. Since we are a society that believes in the rule of law – or at least, we have been up till now – and there aren’t any bills on the floor of the House calling for the decriminalization of larceny (yet), you would expect a tweet like this to get nothing but praise from the community.

Naturally, you would be wrong.

Author/activist Sarah Jaffe responded to the tweet with indignation. In a post that quickly gathered more than 1,500 likes on Twitter, Jaffe wrote, “Good morning, the carceral state exists to protect private property and is inseparable from white supremacy.”

The “carceral state” is not the kind of phrase you come upon while living a normal, drama-free life, of course. It’s taken to mean the general entirety of the American law enforcement system, but it’s inevitably connected with all kinds of “black people are still enslaved” racial theories that exist on the fringes of the left. Well, it used to be the fringes, in any case. Effectively, Jaffe is saying that the mere fact that we have laws that protect private property is just another way the white devil keeps the black community down. Because, apparently, black people cannot help but steal from whites.

But POLICE are the racists…

It’s easy to look at the replies on Twitter – the majority of which call Jaffe out for being a racist lunatic – and take comfort that such nonsense could never infect mainstream discourse in this country. But that’s a false hope. The idea that the U.S. prison system – nay, the entire justice system – is designed to keep black people from succeeding in this country IS already a mainstream idea. So while it may be a few years before anyone seriously suggests doing away with private property laws…it may not be as far away as you’d think. These crazy leftists are extraordinarily skilled with their propaganda.

And American liberals are astoundingly susceptible to even the most ridiculous ideas.


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