Top 10 Signs The Liberal Agenda Is Failing

Being President of the United States is hard. It seems to be more difficult for some people than others, and Joe Biden is one of those people. The first anniversary of his presidency is upon us, and things aren’t looking good for him, his administration, or their collective goals. 

Here are 10 signs that their liberal agenda is failing: 

  1. Their approval rating, as measured by a recent Quinnipiac University poll, sinks to 33%. This is lower than even Biden’s orange-haired predecessor, whom his party claimed to be the, “worst person on the planet, including Satan himself.” 
  2. Biden got elected because he said he’d end the pandemic soon. One year later, and “soon” has become an elusive target. 
  3. The president is better known for falling asleep at global summits and mispronouncing…well, pretty much every word than for solving any actual problem. 
  4. His administration has given people a lot of free money, but they claim to still not have enough money and want more free money. Does this surprise anyone, besides every Republican? 
  5. Biden’s solution to every problem is to tell people, “Go home and stay there.” People actually like leaving their homes once in a while, and they especially like having their kids leave their homes on a daily basis, so his agenda might have a higher success rate if he, you know, got behind policies that allowed people to leave their homes. 
  6. The Supreme Court said, “Hey, that was too much. Know your limits and let people make their own choices.” Compare this to what they told Obama back when he wanted to force all Americans to purchase health insurance. 
  7.  Biden’s solution to hard questions (which seems to be all of them) at press conferences is to quickly leave the room. People who have nothing to hide generally stick around a while longer. 
  8. Forget about the church – Biden is now trying to separate government from science. His report mentioned something about Trump and infrequent violations of scientific integrity, which makes about as much sense as his incoherent mumblings. More importantly, he is officially trying to take the science of our political decision-making, probably because the science no longer supports his decisions.  
  9. More people are in favor of a Republican majority on Capitol Hill. It’s a slim margin, one percentage point according to the Quinnipiac University poll, but still – the scales are ever so slightly tipping away from the current administration’s political power. 
  10. Even CNN runs a negative article regarding Biden’s performance one year into the presidency. Forget about the plummeting polls – receiving the cold shoulder from a major liberal media outlet is harsh, man. 

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