Trans Activist: Every Child Should Be Given Puberty Blockers

While gender critical feminists and conservatives are fighting to make sure that “transgender” children aren’t given puberty-blocking hormones that could forever alter their futures, at least a handful of trans activists are taking their argument to the opposite extreme. They say that not only should trans children be given puberty blockers if they want them, but that every single child should be given them whether they want them or not. Puberty, you see, happens against a child’s consent. Therefore, we must wait until the child is of age before giving them the choice about whether or not they want to go through puberty.

On Twitter, a transgender activist named Lauren McNamara (born male) goes by the extremely mature name of “Zinnia, Adult Female Demon”. To give Lauren credit, this is a pretty good signal to everyone with half a brain to avoid his Twitter feed like the plague. Unfortunately and unwisely, here we are.

Here’s what the demon said: “If children can’t consent to puberty blockers which pause any permanent changes even with the relevant professional evaluation, how can they consent to the permanent and irreversible changes that come with their own puberty with no professional evaluation whatsoever?”

This is what passes for deep thought in the transgender community.

From McNamara’s biography, we learn that “Zinnia was assigned male at birth and given name Zachary Antolak in 1989 in Chicago. Zinnia became aware of her sexuality as a gay male at an early age. After years identifying as a gay male, Zinnia finally came to the conclusion that she was actually a trans woman in 2011 and started a romantic relationship with her close friend and lesbian Heather McNamara. Zinnia is currently in a polyamorous relationship with Heather and another trans woman named Penny.”

These are definitely the people we want holding sway over scientific decisions regarding the youth of America.

Here’s more of the Adult Demon’s argument: “This is literally a position that permanent changes are fine as long as you’re not trans. An inability to offer informed consent or understand the long-term consequences is actually an argument for putting every single cis and trans person on puberty blockers until they acquire that ability.

“Natal puberty became optional the moment technology became available to enable deliberate choice between natal puberty and puberty induced by cross-sex hormones,” he continued. “It became a choice when it *became a choice* and I am really profoundly sorry if you cannot understand that.”

Oh, no need to apologize, Zinnia. We understand it all too well.

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