Trans Woman Beats 13-Year-Old Girl in NY Skateboarding Competition!


A full-grown 29-year-old trans woman from Los Angeles has beaten a 13-year-old girl in a NYC “women’s” skateboarding contest.

The 29-year-old biological male who identifies as a transgender woman beat out the 13-year-old in a skateboarding tournament that was held last week.

Ricci Tres, who also goes by Ricci And Tres, took the top title in the women’s division of The Boardr Open, taking home $500.

In second place was Shiloh Catori, a 13-year-old girl who is 133 in the Boardr Global Ranks, which are based on performance in skateboarding competitions. Tres, by comparison, sits at 838 in the rankings.

The majority of the competitors were under the age of 17 – four of the six – with the youngest being 10. Ricci, at 29, was the oldest. Many on social media excoriated the tournament for the biological and age disparities between the competitors, including professional female skateboarder Taylor Silverman, who spoke out in May after having repeatedly placed second in skateboarding contests against bigger, stronger – and often older — biological males.

“I have been in three different contests with trans women, two of which I placed second,” Silverman wrote in an Instagram post on May 17, which met with a barrage of negative comments. She went on to explain that the transgender competitor she lost against in a Redbull Cornerstone skate event took home $1,000 in qualifiers, $3,000 in finals, and $1,000 in best trick.

“This totaled $5,000 of the prize money meant for female athletes,” Silverman noted.

Christina Pushaw, a spokeswoman for Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., questioned from her personal Twitter account why 28- and 29-year-olds were “competing against children.”

Broadcaster Tim Pool wrote that biological males have a physical advantage in skateboarding because they “have higher centers of gravity granting advantages that cannot be removed with [hormone replacement therapy].”

  1. Gerry says

    Seems the people of nyc running this farce competition are not intelligent enough to figure out the total imbalance of the competitors. Allowing a 29 year old “MALE” (no matter how you try and look at it) to compete against female children of ages10 and 13. Absolutely insane.

  2. George says

    More like FREAK MAN allowed to compete against Children.

  3. Ghost says

    California Democratic Freak Show should be outlawed anywhere else in the United States..

  4. gerald green says

    Biological men should not be competing against girls and/or women!

  5. Nada Tyrant says

    These “sick-in-their-heads” need many upon many hours of therapy! Oh, and bring your parents to these sessions because it is their fault! Mommy and Daddy wanted a girl but they got a boy! They change that to supersede their desires of their child! Transgender (LGBTQ) are a direct result of “bad parenting”! Fact! I speak the truth’s!

  6. Josette says

    Ricci is not transgender. He is merely a cross-dresser. He is a fake, not transgender at all. He should never have been allowed to compete against women. No biological male ever should.

  7. Alan W says

    Organizers of these events that include transgender competitors need to have all their events boycotted. If a person who is going to compete in a gender class they were not born as and if they claim to be of a different gender then they need to provide proof that they no longer have the genitals they were born with. In this case the male posing as a woman needs to drop his pants and show officials he has no trace of a penis or testicles and submit to a blood test that shows his/her hormone levels fall within the gender division he/she is competing before he/she is allowed to compete.

  8. Sheila Davis says

    Transgender or not the body is male male bodies are made different than female bodies, and in most cases stronger. They should compete against each other and not those born as female.

  9. Dorinda Sesrs says

    If they really want to end this insanity, female competitors must boycott all competitions where transgenders are competing. They cannot compete against women, if women refuse to compete against them. I know it is unfair to have to do that but it seems the only way.

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