Trump Already Going for the Jugular


If the Clintons don’t know what they’re up against in Donald Trump, a new ad put out by the Republican this week should be enough to clear up any lasting confusion. In the short, online ad, the tearful words of Bill Clinton rape victim Juanita Broaddrick are played over a sinister photo of the cigar-smoking president.

“He starts to bite on my top lip and I try to pull away from him,” Broaddrick says in voice-over taken from a 1999 NBC Dateline interview.

The ad then plays Hillary’s chilling cackle while the words “Here we go again?” are imposed over the background. The ad finishes with the usual Trump for President logo.

Can you say…we’re just getting started?

This is going to be an election like none other, and it’s already obvious that Hillary Clinton is out of her depth. Trump is going to show her the true meaning of a “vast right wing conspiracy.” He’s not going to hold anything back, and he’s already proven to be a master of controlling the narrative. He systematically found the weak spots in each one of his serious primary challengers, re-framed the public’s view of these contenders with a nickname or two, and steamrolled over them on his way to the nomination.

And yet the media thinks he’ll be unable to do it again.

Their confidence is remarkable, considering that Trump is headed into one of his weakest challenges yet. You can’t even compare Hillary Clinton to Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, or Ted Cruz. These are men of principle, honor, and integrity. People who respect the common values of most Americans. People without a laundry list of scandals, accusations, and greed comprising their histories. They weren’t right for the Republican nomination at this time, in this year, but they are all far better presidential prospects than Hillary.

Granted, the electoral map, by default, is greatly in favor of the Democrat nominee. So even though Trump is up against a fatally-flawed candidate, he’s going to need every trick in the book to emerge victorious.

Thankfully, this ad proves that he will indeed use those tricks.

As for Broaddrick, the new ad doesn’t even get to the worst of it. After describing how Clinton – then an Arkansas gubernatorial candidate – took advantage of her, Broaddrick went on to talk about how Hillary treated her at an event several weeks later.

“She grabbed a hold of my arm and my hand, and she pulled me close to her, I think so no one else could hear, and said to me very sternly with a frown on her face, ‘Do you understand everything you do for Bill?'” Broaddrick said in an interview with a Boston radio station. “It shocked me. I got my hand from hers and my two friends and I left immediately.”

Once this stuff really starts churning around in the zeitgeist, women are going to realize there’s a big difference between Trump’s off-color insults and the threats, sexual assaults, and intimidation the Clintons have subjected women to for nearly 40 years. If she’s a feminist, then feminism is the last thing women need.

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