Trump, Anchor Babies, and Birthright Citizenship

“You said you have a big heart, and that you’re not mean-spirited,” said a reporter at Donald Trump’s town hall event in Derry, New Hampshire. “Are you aware that the term ‘anchor baby,’ that’s an offensive term? People find that hurtful.”

Trump said, “You mean it’s not politically correct and yet everybody uses it?” He asked the reporter what term he should use instead.

“The American-born children of undocumented immigrants,” suggested the reporter.

Trump considered this for a brief moment before shaking his head. “I’ll use the word ‘anchor baby.'”

And so begins the latest chapter in the neverending saga of Trump: The Candidate. Unrelentingly harsh, the real estate mogul fuels his popularity by refusing to bow to the left’s recommended speech parameters. Unlike Democrats (and no small number of Republicans), Trump is not going to use ‘undocumented workers’ in place of ‘illegal immigrants.’ He’s not going to adopt the PC speech rules. He’s not going to stop using the term anchor babies.

For that, conservatives are cheering. And rightfully so. Unlike what many of his critics claim, Trump is not being offensive just for the sake of being offensive. One cable news commentator argued that the term anchor babies was dehumanizing. Nonsense. Trump is not casting aspersions on innocent immigrant babies, as though they had a say in their circumstances. He is fighting against a scam that is turning this country into a third-world hell hole one anchor baby at a time. What could be more dehumanizing than using your baby to get a free pass into the United States? Compared to that cynical scheme, it hardly matters what we call it.

Trump’s critics say that birthright citizenship is codified in the 14th Amendment, meaning there is nothing you can do about the anchor babies. This is also nonsense. You might as well say the 14th Amendment allows for gay marriage. Oh wait…

It’s true, the 14th Amendment will prove to be an obstacle for any president who wants to eliminate this cultural scourge. But we don’t need a constitutional convention to settle the issue. We need politicians who recognize how absurd it is to stand by and watch helplessly as Mexicans take advantage of our better nature. You’re not going to tell me there’s no one smart enough to find a way to patch this hole without trampling the Constitution. If gun control of any kind can exist in harmony with the 2nd Amendment, this loophole should be a cinch to close.

And Donald Trump, against all odds, may just be the man to do it.

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