Trump at Nevada Rally: “Nobody Loves Our Military More Than Me”


President Donald Trump held a rally in Nevada on Saturday night, taking swift and decisive aim at his political enemies – most specifically, of course, Joe Biden, the man vying to take his job in November. Trump was particularly incensed by a new Biden ad accusing him of disparaging dead soldiers. The ad, which is based off a widely-criticized article in The Atlantic that relied only on anonymous sources, drew the president’s ire.

“There’s nobody who loves our military, respects them more than me,” Trump told rally attendees. “There were 25 witnesses on the record that said it never happened.”

Trump said that Biden is a “pathetic human being” for approving the ad.

“They’re a disgrace, but you know the good part,” he said. “Now I can be really vicious.”

Trump said that Biden is unfit to be president.

“Joe Biden cannot lead our country ’cause he doesn’t really believe in our country,” he said. “He is the worst candidate in the history of presidential politics.”

Trump predicted that if Biden is elected, his running mate, Kamala Harris, would take over the presidency “in about a month.” He told the crowd that Biden should be viewed as more of a figurehead – a benign sort of placeholder who would give the speeches and make the appearances while Harris did the real work of the presidency behind the scenes.

The president warned that this was not a point in American history that voters could afford to go backwards.

“For years you had a president who apologized for America. Now you have a president who stands up or America,” he said. “Together we are taking back our country.”

“Biden’s plan is to appease domestic terrorists and my plan is to arrest domestic terrorists,” he said. “These are far-left lunatics that Biden selects to staff his government.”

Well, at least he hasn’t promised to run his Cabinet picks by seven-year-old transgender children for their approval. That’s the marvel of the modern left; you can appear to be quite sane if you just compare yourself to the Elizabeth Warrens of the Democratic Party.

But Trump is right; the image of Biden as this kindly, moderate, folksy sort of guy who will lead America out of our current controversies and chaos is a lie. He has neither the energy nor the cognitive ability to assume the presidency. He will stand up there like a bobblehead while Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris run the country into the ground. And with the plans they undoubtedly have in their back pocket, it probably won’t take them very long.

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