Trump: Biden “Taking Orders From The Easter Bunny”


President Trump hit Joe Biden’s inept leadership hard during remarks made at a Save America rally on Saturday night in Delaware, Ohio, calling him “bewildered.”

The 45th president continued, “We have a president right now, sadly, who has absolutely no idea what the hell is happening. He’s shaking hands with the air; he’s walking around somewhat bewildered….”

President Trump also humorously referred to Joe Biden’s interaction with a costumed Easter Bunny character, who appeared to be acting as a handler for Biden at the White House in April.

Trump said that Biden was “taking orders from the Easter Bunny.” He also jokingly referred to the Easter Bunny as a “political operative” while somberly reminding Americans that Biden is “doing all of this while Putin does nothing but talk about nuclear weapons and destroying the world.”

Trump additionally drew attention to his work adjusting and fixing regulations in the great state of Ohio during his time in office, specifically addressing his work to preserve the washing machine industry.

“They’re trying to undo all of those regulations so that when you go into a house, you can’t get any water – so, we’re going to fight on that,” he said.

Trump encouraged rally-goers to vote for “America First Republicans” and warned that they should only vote for Democrats if they want to “keep America in a death spiral of crime.”

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  1. trump is correct
    just simply look at the country now
    inflation gas prices illegals just the tip of the iceberg 2 billion sent on war with russia and ukraine waste
    screwed up border, afghanistan ukraine what is next WWIII
    obomba ghost president
    hunter’s laptop with uncle and big guy(joe)
    attack on child abortions masks transgender\
    and this is what we get from the media never mind what goes on behind the scences

  2. jerry1944 says

    Wonder if the Easter bunny is the one really running the Country this nut for sure isnt But when you have a crooked election like we had it could be China running it

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