Trump Calls for Surveillance of Mosques


Once again on top of the GOP presidential primaries, Donald Trump said Saturday that it was time to get tough on the threat of Islamic terrorism. “I want surveillance of these people and of certain mosques,” Trump said in Birmingham, Alabama. “We’ve had it before, we will have it again.”

Trump has made several controversial statements this week about what he would do as president. Even his fellow candidates balked at his suggestion that America needed to put Muslims in a special database. Senator Ted Cruz, who has avoided almost all conflict with Trump, said he would not support any measures that infringed on the constitutional rights of American citizens.

For his part, Trump has walked those suggestions back, insisting that he only meant that he would put Syrian refugees into the database. He also said on Saturday that any refugees that had been settled into American cities would be kicked out if he were to be elected.

“They’ll go back,” he said.

It’s almost certain that ISIS and Islamic terrorism will be at the forefront of the national conversation for the next several weeks. The attacks in Paris woke America up from its nap. And the general feeling is that, if we don’t want a repeat of 9/11, we’re going to have to get serious about stopping these sick bastards sooner rather than later. That includes making sure they don’t come over here in a sea of Syrian refugees.

Last week, the GOP-led House of Representatives voted to suspend the refugee program until several national security leaders would agree to “certify” each and every Syrian coming over. The bill will have to be taken up and passed in the Senate if it’s to become law, and Democrat Harry Reid has already vowed to block it. Even if it did pass the Senate, the White House has promised to veto the bill should it come across Obama’s desk. There might be enough support in the House to override that veto, but that’s putting the cart before the horse. If this bill is like anything else Republicans have tried, it will be forgotten before long.

On the other hand, there’s no question that things have changed. Obama and most of his loyal Democrats are still out there selling the refugee program, but Americans are not in a magnanimous mood right now. It’s one thing to help people in need; it’s another thing to sacrifice innocent lives to do so. And unless this president can promise that we’re not making that choice – a promise he’s unable to make – he’s going to face an ocean of opposition.

What do we need to do to conquer this threat? Opinions vary. But when it comes to what we should certainly not do…well, that’s a little easier to see.

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