Trump Campaign Knocks Twitter for Protecting Joe Biden From Himself


In an interview with Fox News on Monday, a representative from the Trump campaign knocked Twitter management for blatantly taking sides with Democratic primary frontrunner Joe Biden. Campaign rapid response director Andrew Clark said Twitter was running interference for Biden by labeling videos tweeted out by the Trump camp as “manipulated media.” Clark noted that if the rules were applied fairly and evenly, the Biden campaign would have been penalized for “doctored and deceptively edited” videos as well.

“The Biden campaign is scared as hell that voters will see the flood of unedited and embarrassing verbal stumbles that will continue go viral if ‘Status Quo Joe’ is the nominee,” Clark said. “Twitter shouldn’t be an enforcement arm of Joe Biden’s campaign strategy, but if they choose to police every video clip they must hold his own campaign to the same standard.”

The trouble started this weekend after Trump communications director Dan Scavino posted a video in which Biden appears to tell the crowd that President Trump “can only be re-elected.” The video is not manipulated, exactly, but the clip does cut off before Biden finishes his sentence in a way that does not imply an endorsement for the president.

Supporters of the president say that the video is clearly aimed at pointing out Biden’s tendency to gaffe his way through even the simplest messages, and they contend that no one in their right mind would actually believe that Biden had endorsed Trump for re-election.

Then again, we are talking about people thinking about voting for Joe Biden, so…

In a letter to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, the Trump campaign accused the social media company of allowing political biases affect their application of the rules.

“Understandably, the Biden campaign has a strategic interest in intimidating social media companies into suppressing true and embarrassing video evidence of Joe Biden’s continued inability to communicate coherently—a sad truth that has been publicly noted by Democrats and media figures alike,” said the letter.

“Still, it appears that many people employed by Big Tech corporations in Silicon Valley are assisting the Biden campaign by instituting a special ‘Biden protection rule’ that effectively censors and silences legitimate political speech Biden’s campaign and its supporters do not like,” the letter continued.

The Trump campaign’s complaints might come off as ill founded…if it weren’t for the fact that the Biden campaign has been engaging in much more deceptive video tactics. In a video the campaign posted on March 3, Trump’s words are spliced and edited to further some of the left’s favorite pieces of fake news, including: Trump referred to Charlottesville neo-Nazis as “very fine people,” and that he called the coronavirus a “hoax.”

“If Twitter is not seeking to protect Joe Biden,” the Trump campaign wrote, “we urge it to correct its apparent oversight and apply its standards equally across the board.”

That’ll be the day.

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