Trump Economy Breaks Two Records the Left Won’t Want to Talk About

If you’ll think back to the 2016 election, you’ll remember that the lefty media had many common refrains about the ascendant Donald Trump. One was that he was issuing false promises about his ability to resurrect the U.S. manufacturing sector. Another was that he was steering the Republican Party into the realm of the obsolete by turning off Hispanic conservatives.

The dominance of these two themes may be why Trump’s liberal critics will not want to talk much about two huge economy stories that broke last week.

The first: Hispanic unemployment just hit its lower rate in the history of the United States.

That’s right, the guy who was supposedly burying the GOP with his refusal to accept that illegal immigration was a problem the U.S. was simply stuck with has turned things around dramatically for Hispanic workers in this country. According to new Labor Department statistics, the Hispanic unemployment rate fell to 4.7% last month, down a notch from its 4.8% rate in October. That brings the rate to its lowest point since the department began breaking unemployment data down by race and ethnicity in 1973. The lowest rate, AT LEAST, in 44 years. And Hispanics have, at least partially, Donald J. Trump to thank for it.

“This administration and @realDonaldTrump are working hard to create opportunities for all Americans,” said Ivanka Trump in a tweet highlighting the astounding figure. “…and we are just getting started!”

The second: Unemployment in the manufacturing sector is down to its lowest point since at least January of 2000.

Despite all of the naysayers who said there would be no resurgence of the old American manufacturing industry, Trump has proven that liberal economists won’t have the final say about that. The unemployment rate for the manufacturing industry ticked up in the last year of Obama’s pathetic reign, but now it is falling like never before. Positive employment in the sector has grown 1.5% in 2017. This, combined with a stock market surge that is unprecedented in the 21st century, and we’re looking at an economy that could be headed for record heights across the board.

Oh, but this is a failed presidency, remember?

We don’t blame leftists for doing their best to ignore these figures, because they are at diametric odds with the narrative they’re spinning about the Trump presidency. As far as they’re concerned, this is a Russian traitor who is on his way to becoming the first U.S. dictator. He’s going to round up all Hispanics and put them in detention camps and he’s going to laugh in the face of the hardworking, salt-of-the-earth manufacturing workers who pinned their hoped on him last November.

In the face of that narrative, news like this just doesn’t play very well. Better to talk about phantom, fake stories like how much Diet Coke the president is drinking or how he’s supporting a “pedophile” in Alabama. You start talking hard facts, and suddenly the idea that Trump is making America great again…well, it sounds less like a campaign slogan and more like the plain, unvarnished truth.

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