Trump Gets Another Big Immigration Win From The Supreme Court


To the dismay of open-borders enthusiasts everywhere, the Supreme Court ruled Monday that the Trump administration may go forward with its “public charge” rule that prohibits migrants from entering the U.S. if they are likely to rely on welfare to get by. The rule, which had been blocked by lower court injunctions late last year, will be implemented while the lawsuit against it continues to move through the legal system. And while the justices did not expand greatly on the constitutionality of the rule itself, they did come down hard on judges who use nationwide injunctions.

“The real problem here is the increasingly common practice of trial courts ordering relief that transcends the cases before them. Whether framed as injunctions of ‘nationwide,’ ‘universal,’ or ‘cosmic’ scope, these orders share the same basic flaw—they direct how the defendant must act toward persons who are not parties to the case,” wrote Justice Neil Gorsuch for the majority.

New York City, in conjunction with Connecticut, Vermont and the State of New York, is currently challenging the “public charge” rule, which would block immigrants from entering the United States if they are likely to rely on public housing or health care assistance. The rule is expanded from previous internal guidance, but the concept of disallowing government-dependent migrants is not a new one. As Customs and Immigration Acting Director Ken Cuccinelli pointed out last year, it has been foundational to American immigration policy for more than a century.

“The principle driving it is an old American value, and that’s self-sufficiency,” Cuccinelli said. “It’s a core principle — the American Dream itself — and it’s one of the things that distinguishes us, and it’s central to the legal history in the U.S. back into the 1800s.”

Exactly, and all the wailing about the poem on the Statue of Liberty won’t change that. We can’t have an immigration system in which we gleefully throw open the door to thousands of migrants who will then immediately go on SNAP benefits. You don’t exactly need to be an expert in economic policy to see how quickly this could destroy our country.

But that won’t stop pro-immigration activists from clanging the bells.

“It’s sickening to see the United States Supreme Court rubber-stamp Trump’s extreme, anti-immigrant, xenophobic agenda,” whined DNC Chairman Tom Perez. “The conservative justices of the court are allowing the Trump administration to penalize those seeking help and close the door on their aspirations to become a part of and give back to this country as American citizens or residents.”

The day of the “economic migrant” is coming to an end, and it may be the only chance we have of turning the United States back into the strong NATION that it’s supposed to be. Perez and the Democrats want to make America into a way station for every schlub in a third-world country who wants a job; Trump actually wants to look out for the CITIZENS of this great land.  

But hey, let’s put it to a vote in November.

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