Trump Has Driven Rosie O’Donnell Clean Out of Her Mind

If we’re judging by the many “Oh Thank God It’s Almost Over” op-eds we’ve seen from liberal writers all over the mainstream media, the first year of Donald Trump’s presidency was tough for a lot of leftists to get through. We assumed that magazines like Newsweek and the New Yorker were half-joking this year when they wrote stories about liberals seeking professional counseling on account of the new president, but we’re increasingly sure that they weren’t. 2017 was the year a great many Americans were forced out of their left-wing bubble and into an uncomfortable confrontation with the Truth – that, regardless of luckboxing two presidential elections thanks to a man whose charisma outstripped his usefulness, they were not living in the liberal utopia of their dreams. This was still a mighty conservative nation, and, well, it was time to right some wrongs. Bigly.

We saw a lot of celebrities struggle to deal with the new reality, but perhaps none of them took it harder than Rosie O’Donnell. One of Donald Trump’s favorite punching bags, O’Donnell seems to have lost what little mind she had left. The presidency of her nemesis has taken from her whatever tiny amount of rational logic that was still pinging around her half-empty head, leaving her an angry shell of her (once quite popular, believe it or not) former self. Her Twitter feed has become a glimpse into madness, beginning with her ill-advised attempt to bribe two U.S. senators into voting against the Republican tax bill.

“So how about this,” Rosie tweeted on December 19. “I promise to give 2 million dollars to senator Susan Collins and 2 million to senator Jeff Flake if they vote NO. NO I WILL NOT KILL AMERICANS FOR THE SUPER RICH. DM me Susan. DM me Jeff. No shit. 2 million cash. Each.”

Cleaned up for spelling errors and the weird, psychopath formatting, the message still sounds completely unhinged, and it had many observers wondering if O’Donnell might face federal charges for what can only be seen as a clear attempt at bribing federal officials. We doubted then and we doubt now that anything will come of it, but it’s a sign of how mentally unstable (or stupid?) O’Donnell is that she would put herself in that position.

Also, does O’Donnell really have $4 million lying around to throw away? We wonder.

After that incident, she wound up getting into a Twitter war with conservative writer Ben Shapiro, at one point inviting him to “suck my dick,” which is exactly the kind of class we would have expected from the “comedienne.” Shapiro hilariously reported her to Twitter for this outburst and her offensive messages against him were deleted.

But now she’s back, telling Paul Ryan that he should burn eternally for having the gall to give Americans a tax cut at Christmas. Responding to a video in which the House speaker honored the birth of Christ, O’Donnell wrote, “Paul Ryan – don’t talk about Jesus after what u just did to our nation – u will go straight to hell, u screwed up fake altar boy. #JUDASmuch.”

Whoa, baby.

President Trump has been stoically silent on O’Donnell in recent months, perhaps understanding all too well that she is a powderkeg of insanity ready to blow at any moment. At this point, she might be only one jab-of-the-stick away from doing something truly nutty. Maybe someone should be watching her.

And adjusting her prescription.

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