Trump: “Media is AWOL” on Hunter Biden’s International Scams

In a tweet on Monday, President Donald Trump took aim once again at Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, who announced that he would step down from the China-backed investment firm BHR Partners.

“Wow,” Trump wrote. “Hunter Biden is being forced to leave a Chinese company.”

But Trump warned that the media would continue to shroud the Bidens in the protective coating that Democrat politicians are accustomed to.

“Now watch the Fake News wrap their greasy and very protective arms around him,” Trump wrote. “Only softball questions of him please!”

The day before, noting the younger Biden’s record of international business dealings, Trump accused the media of being completely “AWOL” on coverage of the scams.

The media was, however, quick to report and celebrate Hunter Biden’s decision to step down from the BHR board of directors on Sunday. While it is true that Biden is removing himself from that board, that move alone will not divest him of interest in the company’s stakes. Biden is still one of two directors of Skaneateles LLC, the company that represents his 10% investment stake in BHR. So the move to remove himself from the BHR board – which was an unpaid gig – really did not speak to Biden’s financial involvement in China. At all.

“Hunter Biden traveled to China on Air Force Two in December 2013 and arranged for his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, to shake hands with the CEO of BHR,” reported the Daily Caller. “At the time of the meeting, which Hunter Biden later described as social in nature, BHR was seeking to raise $1.5 billion from Chinese state-backed investors. The firm currently manages the equivalent of $2.1 billion in assets, according to its website.”

The elder Biden was naturally eager to take advantage of his son’s show of political responsibility.

“The statement my son put out today, which I saw when he put it out — I was told it was going to be put out, I did not consult with him about what’s being put out — in fact represents the kind of man of integrity he is,” Biden said with his usual clarity.

As for the media – and Joe Biden’s campaign allies – the big question is: Why does Hunter even need to respond to the president’s attacks?

“I wouldn’t have put Hunter on the air,” former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell said. “I think the more you respond, the more you’re playing into Donald Trump.”

The game here is to make it seem like the charges against the Bidens are so absurd that they don’t even require a response. The only problem is that Hunter Biden, of all people, knows for a fact that this isn’t true. He wants to head this off at the pass before some enterprising reporter actually gets hold of some damning evidence of corruption. And while there is probably little appetite for that at the major left-wing networks, we’d say it’s only a matter of time before a Sharyl Attkisson or a John Solomon gets their mitts on something good.

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