Trump Needs to Remember What Got Him Here

The media is trying their damnedest to put Donald Trump’s presidential aspirations to an end, but in the middle of all of their nonsense, lets not forget the issue that put Trump on the map to begin with. In many ways, illegal immigration was the spark that started the Trump engine. It has been somewhat forgotten, though, in all of the ceaseless drama that has followed. Even the Trump movement has gotten scattered to each end of the earth, leaving concepts like THE WALL lingering in the distant background.

That was perhaps bound to happen; the media tried to take the focus off illegal immigration from the very beginning. Instead of reporting the substance – the reality – of what Trump was talking about, they seized on the phrasing. This is a pattern they haven’t stopped playing, as you may have noticed. It is, at its heart, the reason political correctness is so dangerous. These Thought/Language parameters give people an excuse not to think, and that’s an alluring temptation for many Americans. By simply playing that one quote – “They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime…” – over and over again, they managed to skip over the uncomfortable truth of his remarks.

If we’re to face the facts, though – or at least the facts as they appear – Trump’s campaign is headed for deep, dark waters. The vibrant energy that launched him to the nomination is not present in the same way that it was. And one possible reason for that is that his ideas have taken a backseat to the drama he creates. That drama was a useful tool in the primaries, but it has now become a detriment. It’s time to throw it out and return to the basic, fundamental ideas that gave rise to that extraordinary energy in the first place.

The strongest of those, undoubtedly, is illegal immigration. And it’s time to start talking about it again. The problem hasn’t gone away. It is as bad now as it was 15 months ago, if not worse. And things will get worse under a Hillary Clinton presidency, and she isn’t even bothering to hide that fact from the country. She embraces it. She’s running on it.

Unrestrained illegal immigration will prevent this country from ever being “great again.” That message, in many ways, is all Trump needs. If Americans were to get a true, comprehensive look at what these loose border policies are doing to our society, the choice we’re making in November would suddenly become very clear.

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