Trump Plans Quick Withdrawal From Climate Pact

According to sources inside Donald Trump’s transition team, the president-elect is looking for avenues through which the U.S. can quickly withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement that went into effect on November 4, four days before the election.

Trump, who has expressed doubt as to the validity of man-made global warming, made a campaign pledge to get the U.S. out of the Paris Agreement, and sources inside his team say he means to make good on that promise.

But if Trump withdraws in accordance with the rules of the pact, it would mean going through a four-year process. Trump is eyeing ways around that drawn out procedure.

“It was reckless for the Paris agreement to enter into force before the election,” the source told Reuters.

Trump has a handful of options as his disposal, including withdrawing from the 1992 Convention that acts as a grandfather to the Paris Agreement. This move would accelerate the withdrawal, cutting the timeline by 75%. By this time in 2017, the agreement – or at least America’s part of it – would be relegated to history. Trump could also withdraw through an executive order, which would end the U.S.’s role in the agreement immediately.

Climate zealots are warning that such a move would bring about the apocalypse, but anyone with a more reasonable take on global warming can see this for the hysteria that it is. Even the Paris Agreement’s biggest supporters have already admitted that the pact will have little impact on global carbon emissions. As far as the climate movement’s goals are concerned, the agreement is basically symbolic.

Unfortunately, though, it’s worse than that. If it were merely symbolic, there would be no reason for Trump to pull out. The problem is that the agreement has nothing to do with cutting carbon and everything to do with forcing the U.S. to pay for the development of the third world. It’s a costly pact that will do immeasurable damage to the American economy while leaving the world’s worst carbon offenders free to build coal plant after coal plant. It’s an international magic trick aimed at reducing U.S. influence and power.

President-elect Trump has made no secret of his mission to bring jobs back to the country; getting us free from Obama blunders like the Paris Agreement are important steps on the road to fulfilling that promise. Leftist regulations must fall if the free market is to thrive.

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